Thread: Retail Stores/Chains We Miss

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    This is definitely a walk down memory lane. I really miss going to Big Bear Grocery, Harts, Hills, Murphy's, Best, and Ames. As I recall, they were all pretty big in the Ohio Valley back in the 80's and early 90's.

    Can't tell you just how many of my toys and games came from these stores.
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      I don't know if this place is gone, but since I moved out West, I really miss Service Merchandise. A very fond memory of my childhood going there with my family. Always remember running over to the game section with my brother. Good times indeed
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        (Not a store of course but...) DZ: Discovery Zone
          • 4 years 11 days ago
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          Peaches Records & Tapes

          If you're from the Milwaukee, WI area these records stores:
          1812 Overture (later turned into William Tell Overture)
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            Lots... Media Play, Suncoast, local video stores. Zare's was a lot like Target with a huge toy department which was a major plus back in the late 80s!
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              Quote by happyfunball
              local video stores.

              Recently, I wanted to take my 5 year old son to rent a movie as a reward for his performance at school. Unfortunately, the only option to rent movies around here these days is to drive up to one of the sidewalk boxes, or get something from Netflix on the XBox.

              Sadly, neither option has the same feel as visiting the neighborhood video store on a Friday evening, then picking up a pizza on the way home.
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                I miss Hills (as has been mentioned. I also miss Big Wheel, Rax, Burger Chef, Hecks, and Showbiz Pizza.
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                  Suncoast Video
                  Sam Goody
                  B. Daltons
                  WB Store
                  Tune Town (a music and video store)
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                    Kay Bee toys.
                    And I'm curious to see if anyone knows this one:
                    A retail chain I never saw outside of Florida: TG&Y


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                      I miss Hills. It was the only place I remember going with my mom during the early-late 90's. And, of course Starlight Video.
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                        Funcoland for me for sure. I first discovered it probably in late 1997 and from that time to maybe the early 2000s I would frequent it often. I had so many memories there and I still have the images of some of the workers ingrained in my head.
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                          ahhh, the good old funcoland. The gamestop for us 80s and 90s kids.
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                            Most of the stores I missed weren't chain stores. Chains don't have personality like privately owned do.
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