Thread: Searching for Weird/Wacky Television Ads from the 90s, 80s

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    I don't visit this forum often, but I'll try to come back for this post!

    My name is SoreThumb, and I run a few 'weird ad collection' websites. Many of the ads I look for involve transformations, cartoon/cartoonish morphing, or surreal use of computer graphics. This is because, of cousre, those ads fascinated me as a kid and still do to this day.

    Some of my websites: <-- Often updated <-- Rarely updated <-- Almost never updated

    Since so many people here have, find, and post ads, I'm hoping that some of you can help me out.

    There's a variety of ads I'd like to see, or have a great copy of. I have a spreadsheet of them, but a brief list includes:

    1. A Tiny Toon Adventures videogame ad, where a boy, using animation, is transformed into Buster Bunny
    2. The last Creepy Crawlers ad of the 1990s (1996, I think), where after a massive city-wide bug invasion, a boy in a movie theater transforms into a creepy crawler himself.
    3. An ad for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, involving a kid getting a claymation mouth. (Not sure if the people who described the ads to me got the product wrong, though.)

    And that's not all, I'm also looking for classic Fruit RollUps ads with the Wizard.

    If you have any of the ads I'm looking for, I'm willing to offer anything-- money, trading video files of ads I have, and even my undying appreciation.

    You can find a link to a spreadsheet of all the ads I'm looking for, here:

    On that note:
    Who else remembers the ads I'm looking for?

    What other ads am I ignorant about that I should look for? (I've found Gushers/Honeycomb ads by now)

    Can anybody add to the descriptions of ads I haven't seen in that spreadsheet? (EG: Did that life cereal ad I heard of really exist? etc)

    Thanks for helping me out! My Username is also my Gmail e-mail address, so you can use that if you want to contact me as well. B)
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      Perhaps the Goosebumps Terror in the Graveyard Game commercial where at the end, a young boy wins the game, and he finds out the other players he'd beaten had turned into monsters themselves, and they all stare at him.

      I do remember seeing the Godzilla Battle Action 8 commercial as mentioned in the spreadsheet when the product came out, but the ad lies dormant in my mind. I've even seen the real thing up for sale frequently on eBay, and there's even a Youtube video of how it works (link below).
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        DemonPuppet87 -- Damn, I think that the "Terror in the Graveyard" commercial is one I've been looking for, but mistook it with another "Lost in the graveyard" boardgame ad!

        So, thanks for that-- I'll see if I can find it, and post about it to the blog.

        I hope I hear from others, too-- finding ads like these are a headache, and I don't have the VHS library others work hard to sort through.
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          Here's another for Jolly Rancher Gel Snacks, where a skateboarder eats the product, and becomes crazed with the product where there are watermelons all over the place, etc.:

          I also found this ad for Zombies Ate My Neighbors on SNES and Genesis pretty weird as well, where the zombies visualize the living as food- e.g. a young teenage girl running for her life is seen as a rotisserie chicken, one man sitting in the pool is a hamburger, and his sunbathing wife is a slice of bacon.

          Even this ad for Donkey Kong Country 3 seemed kind of weird to me. Seriously, a biker gorilla, and his jukebox-dancing chimpanzee girlfriend?

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            Hey there, DemonPuppet87!

            I haven't added the DKC3, nor the Zombies Ate my Neighbors one--and the Jolly Rancher one is tempting. I might add that soon.

            I found the Graveyard one you were looking for. It's here!

            For anyone else keeping track, I found SOME of the other ads

            I updated the spreadsheet above, but there are other ads kept in a list at Wacky Wild some people visit.

            I don't mean to necro this thread-- I figure it's better I came back to the same one and renew the question I've asked-- Looking for the other two in the above list!

            PLUS: If you have a classic Fun Da Middles ad.. We'd love a copy.

            PLUS: What other ads are people like me searching for? Reply here, or submit an Ask at the tumblr!

            Thanks, everybody!
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