Thread: Trade Request for vintage Disney Channel or Network Programming

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    Hello -

    I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm trying to locate full programming blocks of vintage Disney Channel programming from the late 1980s/early to mid-1990s, complete with promotional materials, advertisements, and channel interstitials. The shows that aired on the Disney Channel I'm looking for include the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro, Davy Crockett, Danger Bay, Avonlea, the Wonderful World of Disney, and any other shows unique to the Disney Channel.

    In addition, I've been looking for Disney specials that aired on network stations in the late 1980s, in particular, Mickey's Happy Valentine Special, which aired under the Wonderful World of Disney on NBC on February 12th, 1989.

    I have many different Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, and other classic programs, many with original commercials.

    Thanks for any help!
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      - Walt Disney World 4th of July Spectacular, 1988, w/o/c
      Hello -

      Here's a list of what I have. I would appreciate anyone's help!

      - Walt Disney World 4th of July Spectacular, 1989
      - Walt Disney World 4th of July Spectacular, 1990
      - Disney's Great American Celebration (4th of July), 1991
      - Disney's Celebrate the Spirit (4th of July), 1992
      - Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade, 1990
      - Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade, 1991
      - Mary Poppins, FOX-61 1991 airing, w/o/c (varying quality throughout)
      - Garfield's Halloween Special, 1986 airing, w/o/c
      - Christmas Special block from 1993, w/o/c
      - Garfield/Ninja Turtles Saturday morning block, w/o/c
      - Muppets Take Manhattan (television airing, early 1990s)
      - Walt Disney World Merry Christmas Parade (1991), w/o/c
      - ABC Halloween - Halloween is Grinch Night, & The Halloween That Almost
      Wasn't w/o/c (early 80s)
      - Bugs Bunny Halloween Special CBS 1989 W/O/C + " The Great Bear Scare",
      New Adventures Of Casper"
      - Disney's Halloween Hall Of Fame 80's W/O/C + "Santa Claus Is Coming To
      Town" (Rankin/Bass) 1979 W/O/C
      - Nickelodeon - 2 hour Nick block from 86 featuring You Can't Do that on
      Television, Lassie, Dennis the Menace, & Turkey TV w/o/c
      - PBS Kids Shows - 2 episodes of 3-2-1 contact and 1 episode of Square One TV
      - A Disney Halloween (Magic Mirror version)
      - Various Networks Sat Morning - 9/89 (w/o/c) - Winnie The Pooh, Real
      Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Bugs Bunny
      - USA Cartoon Express Vol. 6 - 1st hour is from Halloween time 1990
      featuring Buttons & Rusty Halloween Special, & Scooby Doo Halloween.
      2nd hour is from 1989 featuring the Flintstones, Space Ghost & Richie
      Rich w/o/c
      - Snick, 4hrs (2 1/2 Nights) 1st night - Clarissa Explains It All -
      "Marshall's Midlife Crisis", Roundhouse - "You Can't Fire Your Family
      ", Ren & Stimpy - "Sven Hoek", Are You afraid of The Dark - "The Tale
      of Jake & The Leprechaun". 2nd Night - Clarissa Explains It All -
      "Misguidance Counselor", Roundhouse - "TV On Trial", Ren & Stimpy -
      "Big Baby Scam / Dog Show", and Are You Afraid Of The Dark - Tale Of
      The Prom Queen. 3rd Night - Clarissa Explains It All - "ME 101",
      Roundhouse - "What If (Politics)", and Ren & Stimpy - "In the Army". A
      Few Commercials
      - Robin Hood - Animated version from WPIX November 1991 W/O/C
      - KTVU 4 hour afternoon block (Alvin & The Chipmunks, Woody Woodpecker & Friends, DuckTales, Fun House, Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, Three's Company, The Jeffersons (1989, w/o/c)
      - Wonderful World of Disney, 1989 – 3 hours, w/o/c: Long nosed Elmer; Mickey and the Beanstalk; Dumbo; The Misadventures of Chip & Dale
      - Wonderful World of Disney, 1989, w/o/c: Mickey and Donald Kidding Around; Ferdinand and the Bull, and Mickey; The Brave Little Tailor; Pluto’s Day
      - Cartoons (various) 1986, w/o/c: Jetsons - "Millionaire Astro"; Scooby Doo Show - "The Ozark Witch Switch"; DuckTales - "Treasure of the Golden Suns" Parts 4 and 5 (these eps have bad tracking); A Disney Christmas Gift
      - Nickelodeon block, 10/1988, w/o/c: Looney Tunes (In-Progress); Count Duckula; Inspector Gadget; Lassie (cuts off)
      - CBS Saturday Morning September, 1988, w/o/c (Muppet Babies, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Garfield & Friends. Hey Vern, It's Ernest and Flip)
      - Disney Family Album episodes: Annette Funicello; The Ellenshaws; Frank Thomas; Alfred Millotte; The Imagineers; Marc Davis; Milt Kahl; Disney Story Men; Disney Voices; Fess Parker/Buddy Ebsen; Golden Horseshoe Revue; Sherman Brothers; Ward Kimball; Ollie Johnston; Eric Larsen
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        I have some kaleidoscope promos, if you would like to request them.
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          Hi, Stake n Sheak - I sent you a message. Thanks for your help!
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            Stake n Sheak, do you want to request the Simpsons kaleidoscope promo please???
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