Thread: If it is forgotten, then why not?

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    So Retro Junk won't approve of full episodes on TV show articles, but what if the show isn't on television anymore, hasn't had any DVD releases and has been completely abandoned by the makers themselves in terms of distribution? Cause if a show that meets these expectations is officially not going to come out anywhere else, then i don't see why we, the fans, couldn't upload episodes that we recorded of the very show to the website. It may seem like a stupid request, but i just thought about it and figured, why not? If the makers of the show aren't going to distribute it, then there's no reason why the episodes of the very show couldn't be uploaded here.
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      I love newbies trying to change things on here...

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        In soviet russia, n00bies love you.
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          She Spies isn't airing anymore and I hated that show.
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