Thread: Anyone have recorded Toonami tapes?

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    I have one spanning a week from the early 2000's it has some of the Intruder series on it. What does anyone else have?
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      I have a bunch of dvdr's from about the mid 2ks, with;
      teen titans
      zatch bell
      full metal alchemist
      ghost in the shell
      samurai champloo
      justice league unlimited
      eureka (anime)
      robot chicken (although I think that's not toonami, just adult swim)
      trinity blood
      legion of super heroes
      idaten jump
      transformers cybertron

      Some of those might not have actually been toonami. I never paid attention to the programming blocks, just the actual programs. For the same reason, I have no idea what/if any toonami events might have been captured on those recordings.
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