Thread: movie about army figurine come to life?

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    Alright, so I know I used to watch this film all the time, but I can't remember what it's called for the life of me! It's this boy and there's a army sergant that I think was really a toy, but he came to life. And the kid is kidnapped by this blonde who's missing fingers (I swear, I SOOO vivedly remember her shoving him into the car at the Alamo?, then taking of those gloves. *shiver*). I want to watch it again, and I can almost even picture the army guy lead, but I honestly have no idea.
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      that part with the woman with missing fingers is soooo freakin' familiar, man.
      I know you are, but what am I?
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        I know exactly what your talkin about I haven't seen that movie in many yrs.Is a good movie just haven't seen it on tv for many yrs.The boy was Henry Thomas from E.T.

        The movie is called Cloak&Dagger
        Description for Cloak & Dagger DVD
        --An imaginative eleven-year-old boy creates a dream world in which he is a secret agent trying to carry out a dangerous mission. His illusions become frighteningly real when he witnesses an actual murder while playing his imaginary game.

        Synopsis for Cloak & Dagger DVD
        --Fantasy and reality merge in this espionage movie for kids and adults. A boy discovers that there's a sinister plot afoot to smuggle top-secret military information out of the U.S. inside a cassette of his favorite video game, "Cloak and Dagger." Unable to convince his dad that he's telling the truth about the enemy agents and the murder they've committed, the boy enlists the help of his imaginary friend, a dashing spy named Jack Flack.

        Title Note for Cloak & Dagger DVD
        --Color by Techicolor.

        Based loosely on the 1949 melodrama "The Window."
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          i remember the ball chasing the army dude, havnt seen that movie in a looong time
          miaow >^..^<

          Oh dear I've re-dorkulated!
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            That is the movie where I learned that x-ray machines could erase video games. That imaginary characters can die. And that maybe the voices in my head were normal
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              it was based on the old original atari game "cloak & dagger" & sterred Henry Thomas & Dabney Coleman coleman also played the sexist boss on 9to5 starring lily tomlin, jane fonda,& dolly parton : luv mel
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