Thread: Do you remember using dial-up?

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    • 4 years 8 months ago
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    Quote by Derk
    God, I still have nightmares about dial-up connections.

    True story: The area where I grew up still has dial-up Internet. Not a high-speed connection in sight.

    The folks there are missing out on an astonishing experience.

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      I remember paying for the internet by the hour
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        I think my family did have dial-up back in the late 90's,
        but I'm totally sure. Didn't really got on the internet
        that much back then outside of getting on a few kid sites
        like Cartoon
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          I was using a 2400 baud dial up modem to access bbs boards lol slow as heck but some of the best 80s games exsisted on these bbses like trade wars elite legend of red dragon baron elite islands of dawn orb of magic. Zork lol. Great memories!! I remember though a picture took 10 minutes to download off the server since the Internet didnt quite exsist yet
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            All too well. Was using it until 2005 - I was 15 years old then.

            And my aunt had it in like 2007!
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