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    • 5 years 1 month ago
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    I'll start this off with my Black Diamond Classics Collection. This is an older picture and my collection is updated, sooo I will update later and show other parts of my collection.

    I' ve had technical difficulities how do I upload a photo saved from my computer? Sorry.
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      We've gotten rid of most of our collection from the 90's. Now that I'm older, I miss my old VHS collection and I have been buying some of my favorites or
      movies that you can't get on DVD. Here's all I have so far.

      To add a picture, upload it to photobucket and copy the IMG link code, then paste it on to your post. I don't think you can upload from your computer but I could be wrong.
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        • 5 years 30 days ago
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        I got quite a bunch, but I don't have a good camera to post it.

        That's kind of a pity too, I got a magnetic video corporation tape of MASH (Actually it's the CBS/FOX video release in the MVC case) plus some extremely old paramount tapes (One of them is older than the mash tape that doesn't work (MVC)).
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            Thanks Redlinks. Nice little collection.

            I will upload higher quality pictures later. Here are my Walt Disney Classics.
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