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    If you want to -link deleted- there is two major options: either you sell it directly to the end-consumer or a dealer. There are some dealers who will offer you less than what your watch is worth. There is some advice that will assist you get maximum value for the timepiece.
    The watch manufacturer name should be visible on the dial. Almost every authentic timepiece should have a serial number on the sides and back of the case. If you have this, communicate with the manufacturer to be familiar with the specific functions, features, and even current prices of the timepiece. One of the quickest ways to find out what your watch is worth is to obtain a quote from several watch dealers on the internet. Simply enter the specifics of your watch such as its make, condition, and features. For sellers who are unhappy with the quoted price, it may be best to sell your watch to end consumers directly. There are limited ways to sell a watch to a direct buyer. To see what they are prepared to pay, browse websites like eBay for the price range. There are likely to be several watches that are almost the same as yours for sale. After going through all these, it’s time to sell your watch. If you need cash immediately, it is best to go with a private dealer. But if you can wait, then going to an auction house or selling it online may be a good idea.
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      Yes, but if you watch is broken, you may want to take it to a watch repair shop and get it working again. If you need to replace the battery, go ahead and replace it. You should not try to sell your watch if it does not work, or if the battery is dead. It would not make a buyer happy, and that just isn't good business.

      Consider replacing the watchband. If the original band is worn or broken, a new watchband can make it more appealing to buyers. The only exception to this rule is if it is a collectible watch, in which case the original band, scratches, etc., would add to the value.

      You can polish and clean the watch so that it looks like new. Again, an old collectors watch should be left alone so that the age of the watch shows.

      How to Price Your Watch

      Do some research concerning the price of watches that are similar to yours. What material is it made out of? What features does it have? Is it analog or digital? What brand is it? Consider all of these factors before you settle on a price. Naturally, you should set your price a little lower that brand new versions of your watch.

      Collectible watches should be taken to an appraiser to determine the value.
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        Wow, even though this thread is obvious spam. I find it very informative.
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