Thread: Gunstar Heros (Sega genesis)

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    • 5 years 21 days ago
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    Who likes Gunstar Heros.
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      • 5 years 21 days ago
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      I just found out about it like a day before you made a thread about it here lol. It doesn't look that bad actually.

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        • 5 years 21 days ago
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        like a few other hardcore games out there, i can make it to a few good levels and that's it. and i think you posted this in the wrong thread
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          • 5 years 20 days ago
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          I Never did like gunstar heroes. Honestly I'd much rather prefer any Contra or Metal slug game over this.
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            • 5 years 19 days ago
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            who likes a thing
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              • 5 years 17 days ago
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              Okay, I don't see what this has to do with the Writer's Forum or writing, for that nature.

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                • 5 years 12 days ago
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                Can we move this thread?

                But anyhow...this game rocks I still have it for my Genesis. I just hop that there's a download for the PS3.
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