Thread: 90s Toy? Help!

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    Ok I'm not even sure if it was a popular toy but I know I got it from the mall when I was little so it was the early 90's....

    It was a small figure with a base. Possibly a knight or something similar. Almost like a warhammer figure.
    It had a green round base from what I can remember, and you could open up the base and these tiny green rubber skulls/faces? were inside. You could also put these skulls around the base.

    If someone out there can find these I would be in eternal debt to you!
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        Just a guess but maybe a mighty max set? My brother had a couple but they had tons of them with different stuff inside. Really popular and early 90's.
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          Hey brndn89, did you ever figure out what these were?? I'm trying to remember but can't
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