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    I remember getting little stickers and sometimes CD ROMs in cereal boxes. I don't think I ever got the cereals that regularly had toys.
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      Not black amymore
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        I love reading through these old threads because I forget that i've already commented and the memories flood back.

        But yeah,the cracker jack toys have sucked for years now too. No rings no trinkets, just either fake tattoos or some weird peel back joke on a piece of paper. I assume it's because they think kids are going to choke on them or something. We can't have anything cool anymore haha
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          I only remember getting Ninja Turtles rings we had two turtles I want to say we had Donatello and Michelangelo we also had Splinter as well. I also remember when Kellogg’s cereals put things in their cereal boxes as well. I remember my sister getting a battery operated toothbrush once. Another time she got a watch with Tony the Tiger on it. The other item that I remember would have to be the pedometers back when they were brand new and popular. I got one from my cousins because they didn’t need three of them but it wore out pretty quickly. We also got DVD movies inside of cereal bo es and computer games as well. I can remember getting the Operation computer game and my sister and I were playing together and she didn’t get the piece out because she touched a wall so I was the one to get it out and she tried to make me lose. I sure didn’t like that. I don’t seem to remember getting much else in the cereal boxes as a kid though we didn’t always buy the cereals that had stuff in them. Another recent find was a Batwoman tattoo I am guessing that it was from the movie Batman Forever and it was still wrapped up in plastic.
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