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    This is the aquatic version of Gilda's spacecraft, the Superior Miletoad. The arms on the front are for digging through tight spaces and clearing a path from ocean floors. On the sides are two small fins that are folded from the wings of the space version of the spacecraft and can move from side to side for tight turns. In the back is a propeller to move the spacecraft forward, with a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour. In the cockpit Gilda is operating the controls and the cruising speed
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      I love the colours of her ship! I have a question: what is that red thing attached to the ship on thr right side of the picture? Gilda looks cute x3

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        the red thing, i originally thought could be something just for show, but i thought that it would be used as like a satellite for certain communication from other planets, a long distance radio receiver if you will.

        i should include that i made this with photoshop cs3, and i had a bit of a mess up trying to get the ship designed the way i wanted it to because i couldn't figure out how to resize the image so i could draw the ship a bit wider. i'm still getting used to it as i am with gimp
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