Thread: Network Studios: In my world, is the Red Green Show's answer to Nickelodeon Studios

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    I have a Sketchup model of Network Studios. I based it off of Network Studios. In fact, I even included half of the tour. The model itself though is incomplete. What's stopping me is I don't have a floor plan of Nickelodeon Studios saved on my PC, specifically one from 2000, since that is the year this model is set in.

    Anyways, here's a few pictures:

    The exterior of Network Studios.

    The exterior again. Also notice the sign that points to the escalator up to the viewing tube of stage 2.

    The stage 1 viewing tube. Shown here is people looking over the filming of Who Wants to be a Smart Guy 2000, now to in my version of the Red Green Show, Who Wants to be a Smart Guy is a parody of Double Dare.

    Feel free to comment.
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