Thread: Spider-Man vs Batman

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    As usual, tough call for me, but I'm leaning on Spider-Man winning. Mainly because he's much faster, and stronger. He has that spider-sense that let's him now of danger, and he has those web shooters. So if Batman tries to hit Spider-Man, he could just quickly jump out of the way, and web him up really fast! However, what makes it a tough call for me is Batmad beat the Hulk one time. Who do you think would win?
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      That's a hard choice. I would have to go with Spider-Man. Sure, Batman has all the gadgets that could match Spider-Man's powers. But Spider-Man can sense everything coming, so he could match it just as well.

      As for Batman beating The Hulk, that's not a good strategy to go by. Captain America could go out one day and kick The Green Lanterns ass. Then Captain America could got his ass kicked by Superman. But before that happened, The Green Lantern kicked Superman's ass. It's just a non ending cycle
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        Some crossovers can perform unbelievable stunts. I mean, Batman should've never beat Superman nor Hulk.

        IMO, the whole scene with Hulk and the nerve gas/boxed ear/kick in stomack is watering down Hulk's powers.

        I guess crossovers are meant to be popular not skillfull/power-wise.
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          Well, I like Batman better, but I honestly do think that Spider-Man would win in a fight.
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            THIS should solve that:
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              Same here, finch >

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                I'm taking Batman, at least Sunsoft knew how to make decent Batman games for the NES.
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                  spiderman owns
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                    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! NOBODY WOULD BEAT BATMAN! HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE SUPER POWERS AND HE STILL BEATS ALL THESE GUYS BECAUSE HE HAS NO COMPASSION LIKE THEY DO!!! He would take a piece of kryptonite and stab superman over and over and over without thinking twice but not before hanging Spidey from his own web!

                    However TMNT beats all these at the same time.
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                      Batman. Spiderman is too emotional and clumsy whilst Batman is logical and tactical. He will improvise knowing his opponent superpowers.
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