Thread: Katie... In real life?

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    YAAAAAAAWN.... So insomnia has gotten the best of me, and as a result I had come up with this. The drawing itself was a challenge, but the coloring I believe took more time to take care of
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      She looks good.....when I saw the post of this I was like, "HUH?!?!"

      I'm so glad it's a Friday, tomorrow I can sleep in if I want to.
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        When I first read the thread title, I thought it was going to be a Photoshop image on how she might look in the real world or something like that.

        But yeah, I think this drawing looks pretty good. It's quite interesting detail compared to the others, I must say.
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          apparently with all of the time i had while being a zombie, i did all sorts of brainstorming on how the fishnets and other features would look, and looking back i thought that they came out great. i recently made another "real life" version of my other character, gilda, but i'll post that one later. and thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate it. i enjoyed working on this one despite the creativity involved. just goes to show that i'm really getting used to drawing with a digital tablet. now i just have to figure out how to use art tools properly in programs such as paint shop pro and gimp
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