Thread: How do you remember McDonalds as a child?

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    My comparison of Burger King to McDonalds:

    Burger King's eggs get poured out of a box, which is not something I like. Yet, I still prefer the Croissan'wich over the McMuffin.

    I used to like BK's biscuits and gravy before they raised the price by 4x.

    BK has better hamburgers than McDonald's, but I'm not a fan of the Whopper at all. It gets all mushy and gross when the condiments mix together with the shredded lettuce.

    The BK Big Fish has always been the best fish sandwich in fast food that I can remember. McDonald's Filet O' Fish sucks.

    The BK Broiler was awesome, but it was replaced by the Chicken Whopper which sucked. The Tender Grill is OK, but I really miss the Broiler.

    BK fries in the 90s were really bad--soggy and tasted like cardboard. I actually like the satisfries. McDonald's fries still blow BK's away though.

    BK's original chicken sandwich sucks. It's like a chicken patty with shake 'n' bake poured over it. Terrible.

    I love the Big King, but they never, ever put enough sauce on them.

    I worked at Burger King for almost 3 years as a teenager. It was literally the worst job I ever had. We were always understaffed. The building was badly designed, as it had one drive-thru window and one stand-by window that were so close together that a car at the drive-thru couldn't pull around a car that was waiting at the stand-by window because there wasn't enough room.

    I worked during the day shift, which was full of dropouts, housewives, and seniors, because I was a homeschooler my senior year of high school. Because of that I was able to observe just how bad the quality of employees could be. Just a bunch of slow, incompetent morons.

    They would force me on drive-thru duties in the afternoons, even though I was the fastest kitchen worker, because I was a clean-looking kid and everyone else working there looked like Quasimodo. I remember rushing between the drive-thru and the kitchen--taking orders from customers AND making their food because the old bag in the kitchen worked at a glacial pace.

    Just thought I would share because working at BK sucked balls.
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      I remember the huge play room, Happy meals, Happy meal toys, and for some reason I always expected Ronald McDonald to be there. I think they often hired people to where the costume.
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        All I remember of McDonald's was the awesome Happy Meal toys like the Disney ones, also Ronald McDonald's Playplace, The commercial with Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and the Hamburgler.
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          I would say the food was so much different, It tasted better and you got more for your money. Also, The Happy Meals were great! Now the toys just seem cheaper. I still remember the White Ranger coming to our local mcdonalds and remember our play place was outside and during Halloween they would transform it into a haunted house and when you went through it you would get a package of Amazing Fruits snack as you exited. Great times.

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            One of the locations we went to every Friday after school (this was 93-94) had 3 SNES booths along with a sound-proof play area. Plus they would give out free small ice creams.
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              In the early 80's, instead of a toy, sometimes they would package Happy Meals in a plastic box shaped like a boat or a spaceship. The two I remember in particular were a green boat that I took home and immediately put in the kiddie pool, and a red UFO. It was just cheap plastic so it couldn't be expected to last forever, but I cried my eyes out a few months later when my UFO top (happy meal box lid) split in half when I was throwing it in the back yard to make it fly and it hit a tree.
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                I remember McDonald's for it's commercials, the McDonald's song, Mac Tonight playing the piano and of course Ronald and the gang. McDonald's was so fun back then.
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                  Big Mac, Mc DLT, a Quarter-Pounder with some cheese, Filet-O-Fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Happy Meal. McNuggets, tasty golden french fries, regular or larger size, and salads: chef salad or garden, or a chicken salad oriental. Big Big Breakfast, Egg McMuffin, hot hot cakes, and sausage. Maybe biscuits, bacon, egg and cheese, a sausage, danish, hash browns too. And for dessert hot apple pies, and sundaes three varieties, a soft-serve cone, three kinds of shakes, and chocolatey chip cookies. And to drink a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and orange drink, A Sprite and coffee, decaf too, A lowfat milk, also an orange juice. I love McDonald’s, good time great taste, and I get this all at one place.
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                    the play place was fun but i didn't like how it smelled like feet, And sometimes i'd play with some random kid just because i was bored.
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