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    About 20 years ago I started collecting videos of the original broadcasts of sports events. My family didn't have a VCR until the early 1980s, but I found recordings of many games from the 1970s. Some of them come from network archives. Others are from people who recorded them off the air on early (and expensive!) VCRs.

    I live in Austin, but I am originally from New York, so I concentrated on finding videos of Jets, Giants, Mets and Yankees games. I am also a huge soccer fan, so I looked for old videos of the New York Cosmos.

    Does anyone on this forum collect sports videos? If you want to see my list of baseball and football games, just email me: [email protected]

    My collection of soccer matches is on my web site:

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      I have and collect Mets games from years ago (trade only obviously)........I'd love to find other fans who have some old games on VHS tapes from years past.
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        Today on The Real Football there is a brief interview about
        my soccer video archive:

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