Thread: Does anyone remember Lady Bug's Garden? or Sweetie Pew the skunk?

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    I rememember watching a children's show or segment from a Childrens show that I think was called Lady Bug's Garden. The concept was that everyone would make a mess out of Lady Bug's garden and a skunk named Sweetie Pew ( Thus my user name) would come and fix everything and make it all nice again. No one else seems to remember this and I have searched everywhere online trying to find info on it. Please.. Someone must remember what this was from. It was from the early 70's-- and I think it was on in the morning. I grew up in upstate New york and we had the basic three stations 6 10 and 13 CBS NBC and ABC.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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      Here's the opening theme

      Ladybug has a garden
      with a gate that's open wide
      Ladybug wants to see you
      so why not step inside?
      It's a lovely way to begin your day
      with a lot of nice things to do
      so hurry to ladybug's garden
      cause ladybug's waiting for you
      ladybug, ladybug, ladybug, ladybug
      ladybug's waiting for you

      It was broadcast at 7 AM on channel 5 in the Syracuse area, in the 70's. My friend Pat was one of the guest children who would wait inside Ladybug's treehouse for their cue. Pat got so nervous she threw up. A quaint show I watched infrequently because it competed with Captain Kangaroo, but I couldn't deny the quality of it's songs.

      The channel 5 weatherman played the scarecrow on that show for a long time (like 5 years). You might find more info if you looked him up in IMDB
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        Jerry Sanders of WFBL in Syracuse played Mr. Scarecrow.

        For those interested, here is a three-part video, describing the production of "Lady Bug's Garden."

        PART 1:
        PART 2:
        PART 3:
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          I was googling Ladybugs Garden just to see if anything was out there and to my surprise I found your posts on this website so I signed up right away. My mother was the art director for this wonderful program. My Dad, sister and I used to go to the taping of the shows frequently. I am so glad there are people who recall this show. My mom would have been really happy to see that all these years later, there are people who remember this show!
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            I also watched that show and here is some information I found on it.

   (small clip starts about the 6minute mark)
   (jerry sanders talking about lady bug's garden)
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