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    When I was younger, I had an Ivysaur Pokeball keychain, a Wartortle keychain, and a squirtle keychain. I played with them a lot! Some toys I wanted were the Pokeball Blaster that came with Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise, an Ash figure with Squirtle, and a Misty figure. I didn't care what kind of pokemon she came with, I LOVE MISTY! I never got any of them though. It's OK though, because now I have more pokemon toys than I did when I was younger. I have a deluxe Ash figure with Pikachu that you can pose, a deluxe Misty figure with Horsea that you can pose, a Jessie figure with Ekans, a Jame figure with Koffing, a Wigglytuff keychain, a Shaymin pokeball keychan, and a Swinub pokball keychain. And soon I'll have a Charmander that talks, a Squirtle that talks, a Blastoise pkeball keychain, and the Pokedex that covers all original 150 pokemon. The thing is, after all these years, people still love all the original 150 pokemon best! One pokemon toy I want that's impossible to find is the Blastoise figure that actually squirts water. What pokemon toys did you have/do you have?
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      I once had the toys Burger King put out, they are probably still in storage. But I also had some of the cheap cards they came with, I used to think they were the real deal until I saw myfriend with some real ones and I got upset when he told me his were real.
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        I just collected the cards when I was in Jr. High when Pokemon first came out but not the toys. I do however have alot of DC and Marvel Figurines that sit around my computer desk that are still in there orinal boxes.
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          I used to have almost everything related to Pokemon. From games, to cards. From dolls to locksmiths and puzzle games. But I grew up fast and my parents took care of all that thrash. The only things I wish I still had are my Game Boy and my Red and Silver versions.
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