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    It has been a very long time since I last visited the forum.

    I am currently looking for the following commercials:
    1. Coleman's Clean Machine from 1995 where I remember seeing an elderly man who is enjoying himself with the product advertised as he cleans his deck and grill and then pulls out his false teeth so he can use the product to shoot his dentures toward a neighbor's yard.
    2. Pledge commercial from spring 1998 with young teen girl/woman wearing dressed in all white clothes who is seen testing the product.
    3. Little Caesar's mid-90s ad where a Little Caesar's pizza employee is trying to get a man to let go of a pizza that was already put in the box telling him to let go.
    4. Pizza Hut commercial from 1996 that involved a father who is having a hard time with a baby.
    5. Mrs. Paul's commercial from 1997 where a pizza man constantly visits the person's house.
    6. 100% Colombian Coffee's "Ask Juan" commercial from 1994-1995 that ends with a visual question, "Next time: Duck, Duck, or Goose?" where Juan Valdez is seen as a school guest playing Duck, Duck Goose with all the young students.
    7. Chocolate orange ad from 2001-2002 where a father and son dressed as Easter Bunnies go up
    to a neighbor's door and literally knock it down with the product advertised.
    8. Some online car website commercial (don't remember the name of the site advertised) aired from August to October of 2008 that begins with a very young blond girl in pigtails saying "You can't find your cat. You can't find your dog. You can't find a place to hide my mommy's keys." and ends with the same girl riding on a Power Wheels-type kids vehicle saying "See you there!"

    If you have any of these 8 commercials, please let me know by either replying to thread or sending me a PM. I'd be glad if anyone has all of these commercials mentioned above. Thanks.
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