Thread: Remember Power Lords?

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    I FINALLY found this thanks to For the longest damn time I had these guys in my parent's attic and couldn't for the life of me remember what the hell they were from, I just remember my grandmother buying like two of them for me when I stayed over her house and playing on the carpet stairs with them! I had a few of them plus two of the vehicles. Kind of a creepy toy for kids back then but hey still pretty cool! Check it out if you don't remember or just curious:
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      Ha ha Cool

      Yes, I remember them; I had Lord Adam Power
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        I always confused these with Sectaurs since the figures were roughly the same size.
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          Oh! I love those Lords!!
          They had SO MUCH power!
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            Heres the link to the Powerlords page on my site, has pics of all the figures

            Power Lords action figures
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