Thread: 'Born This Way' = 'Express Yourself'?

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    I do like Lady GaGa, honestly, but I've loved Madonna my whole life. Am I the only one who heard 'Born This Way' and immediately thought of 'Express Yourself'? Even for those of you who aren't into this type of music, you should definitely check it out and tell me whether or not I'm crazy.


    Oh, wow. I just YouTube'd "Born This Way" so I could post a link for that AND "Express Yourself" for you guys to compare, but apparently there are already people who agree with me. Check this out. -

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      Mentok says it best at the end.
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        I agree that they sound similar. If you read the comments, someone stated how they are very different in a technical sense but that's hard to hear.
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          How about Billy Ocean's "Suddenly" vs. Lionel Richie's "Hello"?

          Also: a lot of the early Led Zeppelin songs were rip-offs, including "Whole Lotta Love" which they allegedly stole from that of Muddy Waters's "You Need Love."
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            WHAM! You are sure to love Al's video Perform This Way

            Lady GaGa parody with a Madonna (look a like) tribute in there a couple times at one point she says faintly "express yourself"

            If one link doesn't work/load for you try the other



            I had to find a site that wasn't using the vevo version on youtube, so the second link worked for me. Wait a few minutes you'll see it. Loading times differ.

            I love it!
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              Quote by WHAM!

              Ugh, that's fucking awful.

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