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    Everyone says the movie sucked. I never saw it, but that's what I heard everyone who did see it say. And thanks to threads I read about it on IMDB, I don't need to see it, because I know why it sucked because of the threads I read. Anyway, although the movie was bad, the merchandise and animated series which was a continueation after the film were awsome! One of the best figures was called "Battle Action 8 Godzilla." It was big, electronic, and was basically the other figures called "Shatter Tail Godzilla," Fang Bite Godzilla," "Super Stomping Godzilla," and "Combat Claw Godzilla" all rolled into one because it had the same features they did. I also had a remote controlled Godzilla that had two buttons. One made him walk, and the other one made him open his mouth and roar. I also had "Combat Claw Godzilla" that had claws that would come down every time you pressed a fin on it's back. It would also roar anytime that happened. And the funny thing is, it also had a button on the side that also made it roar. The button on the top of it's head would made it's mouth open. I also had a giant Gozilla puppet that glowed in the dark, an electronic baby Godzilla puppet, two baby godzillas that had a tail whip feature (they were the same figure) and a little person figure that had a big black missle launcher. Does anyone else remember the Godzilla figures based on the 1998 movie? And if so, which ones did you have?
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