Thread: Toys that are impossible to find

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    Another hard to find toy I can think of is Tyco RC's Tantrum radio-controlled car from 1997. I saw it at a garage sale yesterday, but didn't have the cajones to buy it.
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      Quote by DTX180
      anyone remember bucky o hare and the action figure line? The marketers really screwed up and ordered way too many of the toad air marshall figure. Youd go to various toy stores and there would be 20 figures, and 18 would be the air marshall. Its a shame, some the lack of a diverse toy line caused the show to be cancelled.

      It's a dream of mine to have a complete set of these. I still have Bucky, but the other two I had are long gone. Biker Mice From Mars is another set I'd like to have...again.

      I just bought a Kenner Ecto-1 and Marshmallow Man for $2 a piece at the flea market. Couldn't believe it. The car is missing the extra parts, but the decals were never put on, so there's just clean plastic. I'm gonna buy a sticker kit off ebay soon.
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        I was at the mall the other day and I saw the new thundercats toys they toadly are over priced
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