Thread: Sargent D of the S.O.D.

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    • 7 years 15 days ago
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    One of my fave band mascots...tried drawing him frm memory. Looks ok. Teeth are to small among other things.

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      • 7 years 14 days ago
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      Don't beg for mercy, he'll piss on your head...
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        • 7 years 13 days ago
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        Looks awesome man. You should do Eddie or Rattlehead next. I used to draw those dudes all day on my folders at school.
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          • 6 years 11 months ago
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          HA HA HA S.O.D. I LOVE IT!

          S.O.D. was all about bashing the Middle East, I LOVE THEM lol.

          sorry I was a 9-11 Volunteer Rescue Worker, I cannot stand the Middle East.
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            • 6 years 11 months ago
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            Great band and good drawing
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