Thread: Looking back, which 80s-90s Kids shows had the stupidest concepts?

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    Someone mentioned Turboteen, loved that show, can't tell you why exactly, but I was a kid then.

    Also, I think "My Secret Identity" took the concept of getting shot by an experimental laser from TT.
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      Quote by Jennings
      CatDog. This came on around the time I was getting older and starting to drift away from Nickelodeon. It just seemed like such a stupid show, and remember this coming from the same channel that had a show about fat cat and angry chiuaua living together with homosexual undertones. So saying that CatDog is stupid is saying a lot.

      Angry Beavers was pretty stupid too.

      I agree.
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        Can't see what many are getting at here:

        Ahhh! Real Monsters - Odd but still refreshingly unique.

        Bananas In Pajamas - teaches morals and about living in a small community

        Pokemon - actually has a very clever and complex concept
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          Quote by CleverHans
          Captain Planet.

          HAHAHA yes...
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            dragon tales (my neice and nephew love it now on netflix)...wish on a dragon's scale?? weird stuff
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              dumb and dumber the animated series

              sabrina the teenage witch
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                My #3 is Bodger and Badger as I don't think Badgers eat mash patatoes or throw them around the room in real life.

                My # 2 is The Fruitties/Los Fruitis because the idea of a cartoon of musical fruit is laughable although it may or may not have worked though I haven't watched an episode in years so don't remember any of it other than the theme tune (We Are All Together/Somos Mi Amigos)and the outro theme (It's My Forest) but stupid consept for a cartoon none the less especially if you add in the earlest most basic form of CGI into it which was used for the animation to make it look amazing although the idea of making a cartoon on musical tootie fruities was kinda stupid.

                I know the consept worked as it was a hit in Spain where it was made in 87 or 89 depending on if you beleive the wiki or BCDB years but a rareity in the US/UK when it finally got an English translation in 96 but it was a stupid consept at the same time nobody can't deny that thats why I put it in there.

                My #1 stupid consept there can be only one and it's mentioned already Barney & Friends. I can't beleive I was stupid enough to like him when I was little as there was definitely something about the entire character that makes you scream hate.

                Don't forget guys I think stupid consepts means consepts that are stupid no more which means there could be some things that everybody loves that is a stupid idea as well as things everybody hates.

                I loved Rocko's Modern Life back in the days for example of one I love but it's an outragiously stupid concept that also worked at the same time it didn't make my top 3 most stupid consepts though as these did.

                I even liked Bodger and Badger in my list and remember thinking that the animation was amazing on Fruitties although I don't remember anything past the intro, outro and Roly Oh Roly songs of that show now but they were stupid consepts. I hate Barney now though so thats a dual stupid and hate and therefore #1.

                What brought that up as the childesh arguement I seen a few days down with 2 people slagging each other off calling each other names about Rocko but it does prove a point that a show can be loved but also be a stupid consept too.
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                  Quote by jpdraven
                  Quote by chokeslam
                  Cow and Chicken
                  -I could almost accept a Chicken and a Cow as brother and sister but the fact that they had human parents just pushed me over the edge.

                  Space Ghost Coast to Coast

                  Chicken Boo

                  SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST WAS HYSTERICAL! Yes stupid BUT that's what made it so funny. Here's a Super Hero Character that I grew up with watching and liking, and like so many famous faces of the 80's S.G> Coast to Coast shows ua what he's become now.... it's funny stuff.

                  The topic of this post is which are the stupidest concepts. It does not ask if the show was bad of if we liked it. Many a good and entertaining show has been based a stupid concept.
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                    i don't see how you could say captain planet had a dumb concept compared to pokemon attact of the killer tomatoes is the clear winner and my most hated cartoon ever.
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                      Here's list of my honors for stupid concept kid shows

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