Thread: Mary McDonald-Lewis once more, asking for a little help!

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    Hello friends,

    I posted this on another thread as well, but thought this might be a good place for it, too.

    Please let me introduce myself. I'm Mary McDonald-Lewis, and I've been lucky enough to voice a fair amount of cartoon characters in the past, ranging from Lady Jaye on "GI Joe" to Lois Lane on "Superfriends," and a few points in between. I've popped on here now and then to see what was going on and am always so happy to read of continuing interest in voice actors and animation.

    I'm working on my newest animation demo reel now (can I still call it a "reel"? and wondered if some of you might want to help me with it. What I'm seeking are high-quality, short clips of my work in wav files.

    If you have any material of mine around and want to help, you can do so by uploading it here:

    ...this is a big favor, and if you can contribute to the project I'd be appreciative. And no matter what, I am so very grateful for your interest in my work!

    Thanks a milllion,

    Mary McDonald-Lewis

    PS My new website should go live in March at Ignore my dusty old one BOY does it need to be redone! The new one should be great. Thanks again!
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      It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Lewis, but just this one thread will be okay:
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