Thread: 80s PSA - Fruits & veggies song / rap ?

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    I have had this song stuck in my head since I was a kid!

    Sometime in the late 80s (maybe early 90s) there was a kids PSA with singing / rapping about how you should eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
    There are a few kids dancing to the music while eating veggies and fruits. The set and costumes are all white, I think.
    The camera is handheld and tilted / zoomed a lot, in the style I later came to associate with MTV.

    Here are all the lyrics I remember:

    "One - (now thats a) good start
    And Two - and you KNOW this part,

    You're working on having fun with food
    cause animals love 'em, and so do you! (a monkey is in the scene here)

    Now Three - And we're almost there,
    For Four - You may need a chair! (kid climbs on chair to reach bowl of fruit on the table)

    But that's okay, we'll get there soon,
    You can have them while you rock a tune. (here a kid wearing sunglasses listening to a walkman plays air drums)

    ...Five veggies and fruits from morning til night!

    ...They come from places both far and near!

    Now five a day is the magic rule,
    More is okay, less is uncool." (ends with kid walking away holding hands with the monkey)

    Every six months or so, I search the internet looking for an MP3 or video of this PSA, with no luck so far. Can anyone help?

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      I've seriously had this song stuck in my head since 2nd grade! I can't believe you remember so much of it - amazing! I look for it on YouTube all the time and I can never find it. I'm happy to know it actually exists, though. None of my friends remember it. If you find the video, will you PLEASE post a link or send it to me at [email protected]?? Thanks!
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        Hi Kristen, I'm glad to hear someone else remembers this song too!
        I will definitely email you if I ever find the song.
        Please do the same if you find it first! =-)
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 did u check here for psa?
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            Yeah, it's not yet posted there.
            Thanks though, Siouxsie!
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              Here is the song

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