Thread: I REALLY Need Help Finding This Commercial

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    I know it's from the very early 90's but I don't recall what it was for.

    It involves a small child, a boy if I remember correctly, flushing random stuff down the toilet; things like toys and stuff.

    I'm led to believe it was a plumbing repair ad, because (if I remember correctly), a man (his father, maybe?) was practicing golf inside the house or something--just go with it--when a pipe in the ceiling busts, resulting in an avalanche of colorful, little plastic blocks mixed with water.

    What occurs next, I don't exactly know (more than likely an explanation of the services if it is a repair ad), but it ends with the kid running back in to flush one last thing (which I can't quite recall). The ad ends as the logo for the product/service--whatever it was--fades up. I seem to remember a little snippet of a cavalry call used with the logo.

    Anyone have any ideas of what it was about?
    Seeing as you all were able to find that one commercial with the baby in the walker ( ), I hope some of you here would remember it better than I can.
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