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    I would really like to find episodes of Gigglesnort Hotel, and a coke commercial from about 3 yeasrs ago.

    Gigglesnort Hotel: Theres a guy on here who said he had 10 episodes, but he hasnt posted since 2009 and I cant find a link on his profile to email him. I have very fond memories of this show from when I was a kid, but I keep reading all over the net about the "evil undertones," and "satanism" in it. I want to see if my young perception was skewed. There are only three clips on youtube from this show. The opening, the credits, and one brief scene where BJ fixes Blob. Anyway, if anyone has this show, or a lead on where to get it please let me know. I did see where is selling 14 discs with just two episodes each. The problem with that is, 1) its incomplete, and 2) its an absolute fortune at $25 a disc. God knows next year I will be able to buy a time masheen on ebay for less then that, and just go back and watch it live.

    Coke Commercial: About 3 years ago, there was a Coke commercial on the radio (not TV) where there was what sounded like a banjo or slide guitar playing, and an older man singing. I am pretty sure the line he sang was, "She done left me. My baby's gone." I went a little crazy trying to track this down. I simply wanted to know who sang this song, so I could get more from them. I don't know why I loved it so much, but something about it just seemed enchanting to me. I called the station that played it, and they had no information for me. I then wrote several emails to Coke, trying to get information. My first ten or so emails were completely ignored. Then they finally replied talking about copyright infringment. I told them I just wanted either the commercial, or information about the artist for my self, but there really wasn't anything I could tell them to get past their stonewall. If anyone happened to catch this while recording something else, or something I would really love a copy. I found several places on the internet that could probably identify this artist or the original song.

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      bump. anyone? With so many coke collectors in the world I would think someone would have a collection of the commercials.
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