Thread: 10 Mind Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums

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    This is a prime example of why I love This article is fucking amazing.
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      Pink Floyd were always into audio tricks and secret messages. Original copies of their Atom Heart Mother album ended with the sound of a dripping tap set on a locked groove, meaning you'd keep hearing the dripping tap till you got up and lifted the needle off the record.

      Grantchester Meadows ended with the sound of a buzzing fly panning back and forth between the left and right channels which really messes with people listening with headphones.

      The 8-track version of Pigs on the Wing had an added guitar solo that linked the two parts of the song together and accomodated the fact 8-track tapes play in a continous loop until they're removed from the tape deck.

      Roger Waters hid a couple of secret messages on his solo albums, on Radio Kaos there's Morse code at the end of the final track, The Tide is Turning that reveals a verse cut from the lyrics.

      On Perfect Sense Part 1 off Amused to Death there's a backwards message referencing that Roger wanted the song to start with a sample from 2001 A Space Odyssey but Kubrick didn't allow it. Kubrick was having revenge because Pink Floyd turned down his request to use part of title track from Atom Heart Mother in A Clockwork Orange.
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        that was a really cool article. there was some pretty creepy stuff on there. Very interesting.
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          is there somewhere i can listen to the tool one? i couldn't really find anything that sounded like a whole new song.

          They provided a link in there. I can find it when I get home. The computer at the shop sucks.
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              Oh my phone blows ass too. Thats why I check those things on the computer.
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                That Aphex twin one is creepy
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