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    One of my favorite animes if you couldn't tell from my icon. *points at Professor Moriarty* I wasn't alive when the English version of the show aired on TV, but I have all the DVDs and have enjoyed them greatly. ^^'s a bunch of chibified drawings of MH characters.

    Sherlock Holmes (Hound)

    Marie Hudson

    Martha (from 3rd episode)

    Professor Moriarty

    1 (I still haven't made a colour version of this one; oops!)
    (Sherlock Hound)
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      Awww!! So cute!! And so cool!! They are very well done makes me want to watch that anime now I've never heard of it but it seems funny from your icon.
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        You would probably enjoy artworks by Andrew Dickman, he's very good and dabbles in these kinds of cartoons a lot.
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          Very adoreable.
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