Thread: Old 80's anime movie I can't seem to pinpoint.

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    It's an old movie about a girl who's family is taken away by some evil guy and they are turned into bricks to build his castle. The girl remembers a flower her father had and when she goes to the castle she sees one of the "people bricks" holding the flower.

    I can't for the life of me remember the rest.
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      The movie you're thinking of is Unico and the Island of Magic. Sequel to The Fantastic Adventures of Unico. Amazing film that is tragically out of print. Incidentally, her father wasn't holding the flower, but his son Toby who worked for the evil magician puppet (Lord Kiruku) cast a spell that caused a flower to grow out of his father's nose. When he was turned into a puppet/brick, the flower was still there.
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        I knew it had something to do with a unicorn! Dang, with collective knowlege on this message board, we could rule the WORLD!

        Thanks you!
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          And we will
          And now for something completely different................
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            i love unico! i've never actually seen that one, although I do know there were a couple other ones, I've only seen "the fantastic adventures of unico" its the only one they had at the video store and now even that copy is long gone.
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              Unico isn't out of can find it at
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                Quote by Mestisa81
                Unico isn't out of can find it at

                No no.. it's out of print. On amazon you can buy copies off of other people, but they arent still printing the movies and thus.. out of print.
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