Thread: Looking for an old "Honeycomb" cereal commercial...

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    It came out in the 1980's, and featured an overweight man (with dark hair and a beard) jumping off a window ledge (perhaps he was aiming for the "Honeymoon" clubhouse?) and unintentionally landing in a gutter filled with water.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you in advance!

    Sincerely, Steve B.
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        .. it wasnt Andre the Giant was it? I swear he was in one because he always creeped me the hell out
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          LDW...No, "Andre the Giant" was not in the commercial. My wife requested me to post this question. We looked on You-Tube, and saw the one with "Andre". My wife said this was NOT the one she was thinking of.

          Thanks for the attempt!

          Sincerely, Steve B.
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            I looked on youtube when you first posted this and found several (way more than I remembered) Honeycomb Hidout commericals, but could not find any involving a gutter filled with water. This acually sounds more like a Cookie Crisp Cookie Crook commerical to me.
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              Thanks bassman21!

              I will let the wife know.


              Sincerely, Steve B.
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                bassman21...The wife said it was not a "Cookie Crisp" commercial. She grew up in Canada, and "Cookie Crisp" cereal was never sold up there. Thanks anyway!

                Can anybody else help? :?:


                Sincerely, Steve B.
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