Thread: My humble comic book collection

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    This would be my comic book collection. Yeah, it's kinda small because i don't collect them more then two or three years (and i am not able to buy/trade comics every day), and they are not that retro (oldest comic i have is from eighties), but i am still proud of them and i really enjoy collecting them, so i decided to show it to you guys.

    The pictures are huge, so here is a direct link to all of them:

    All of the comics are on Croatian language, except for Chibi Vampire manga, and on the top of the shelf there are only books, no comics. In those boxes there are MTG and WoW cards. Before i moved in that room, it was totally frozen in eighties (old stereo, Prince posters, shelves, beds), and i've left it that way. Long live retro.
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      I would seriously love to have your collection my good friend
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