Thread: Let's write a collaboration article.

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    Hey I'm going to be leaving for Alabama in a couple weeks so if I could have some articles in a couple days that would be great. Just send me a PM if you have any questions or requests.
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      I'm a writer who would like to start contributing to the site and would love to help you out on a new section, actually, if the mods would consider having it.

      The section would focus on listing all of the 80s wrestling events by event, match, and the results of each match and also the agency that hosted the event (WCW, WWF, etc.)

      I need someone who can focus on the WCW events since I know my WWF stuff quite well.

      As a basic start to this, here's the run down:

      The WWF would have the Royal Rumble each February, Wrestlemania each April, Summerslam each August, and the Survivor Series each Thanksgiving. The Survivor Series used to be called the "WWF Thanksgiving Night Tradition."
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