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    hell-o everyone ... I am new at this .. so if I do something wrong please help me get it right.. I am looking for info on a mini series... it was about 4 rich girls that went off to school one of the girls got pregant, but all of the girls kept it a secret, so you didn't know which girl was pregant on the second part of the mini series you see that the baby was a boy and the search was on for the father of the child.. do anyone have any idea of the show that I am talking about
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      what year? it sounds familiar, any actors you know who were in it?
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        the only thing that comes to mind is a mini-series from 84 called Lace. It starred Phoebe cates as Lily an adult actress that goes to see three women who were all friends growning up to see which one is her mother. The majority of the mini-series is flashbacks of these three women durning thier time at boarding scjool in Switzerland. One gets pregnant and they hide it. We only find out in the very end which on is the mother and see the baby. The second half of the mini series Lily is now a Hollywood actress and her mother and her are in search of the father. May or may not be it.
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 was "Lace". It was famous for Phoebe uttering the line..

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