Thread: Anybody remember Mac Tonight?

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    • 12 years 28 days ago
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    I'm not sure why but I find that moon guy very intriguing, I've bought a puppet of him and his autograph of all things.

    here's a link to the puppet description, the one I have is new in his tattered old box sitting in my curio with all my other stuff.
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      • 12 years 28 days ago
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      You should make him you avatar!
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        • 12 years 28 days ago
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        Oh yeah right, just cause you think he looks better than me right dick?

        Nah... he's not unique to me, I also have the Noid, The old Burger King Doll, working on getting Mayor McCheese, and a few others I can't recall.
          • 12 years 27 days ago
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          thats his name yea i rember him my uncle has some of his old toys
            • 12 years 19 days ago
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            I remember Mac Tonight
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