Thread: What are some VHS and DVD tapes of retro stuff you own?

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    What are some VHS and DVD tapes of retro stuff you own?

    Some of VHSMan1991's VHS tapes and DVDs of retro things:

    -Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD Set
    -Sonic The Hedgedhog Complete DVD Set
    -The Simpsons seasons 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 DVD sets
    -South Park season 1 DVD set
    -Top Gun VHS
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      Hm, let's see.....

      VCR Tapes: (These were mostly all my Grandparent's. Found them all over the house)

      Carrotblanca. Looney Tunes Go To The Movies.
      (Mom got that for me at our local library's bookstore, they sell tapes they no longer want)

      Chuck Jones Classics: Riiki Tiki Tavi: (Another one my mom got at the library bookstore)

      Cartoon Network. Classic Scooby Doo. That's Snow Ghost.

      Focus On The Family Present's: Mc Gee And Me! The Big Lie.

      Captain Power and The Soldiers Of The Future. Shattered Past. (Bonus Episode, The Abyss)

      Batman the movie

      Golden book video, Masters of the universe. Has 4 episodes on it. The caverns of fear. In the land of shadows. The sword of knowledge. The eye of eternia.

      Dino riders. The adventure continues. Volume 2.

      Popeye. (has various old episodes on it, I think the tape somehow got overwritten along time ago, and now it's just static. too bad)

      Hanna barbra, 20,000 leagues under the sea. (animated, but that's obvious, lol)

      Children's video playground. Arabian nights.

      The world of teddy ruxpin. Come dream with me tonight. Teddy ruxpin lullabies. (I admit to really liking teddy ruxpin. 'blush')

      Kids Klassics.(tape 1) Has various daffy duck cartoons on it. Daffy duck and the dinosaur. Daffy the commando. Yankee doodle daffy (with porky pig) to duck, or not to duck. (with elmer fudd)

      Kids Klassics. (tape 2) Woody plays santa claus. Pantry panic. (both starring woody woodpecker) The wee men. Leprachauns gold.

      Kids Klassics. (tape 3) The enchanted square (color) Suddenly it's spring. (b&w) (both starring raggedy ann) The mite makes right. (color) The bored cuckoo. (color)

      A golden book video. Jungle animal tales. The saggy baggy elephant. The tawny scrawny lion. Rupert the rhinoceros.

      Trans Formers. (old animated, color.1984) Volume 6. Divide and conquer.

      Robotech. The macross saga. countdown. volume 2.

      2 The real ghostbusters tapes. (animated) Play them ragtime boos. And cry uncle.

      FHE. The velveteen rabbit.

      1 The super mario bros. super show tape. Mario meets koopzilla.

      Walt disney mini classics. Peter and the wolf.

      The care bears movie. (includes 12. min featurette: strawberry shortcake meets the berrykins)

      Phew! I actually have more, but they are a ton of disney movies, and I also have a ton of VHS tapes that don't have covers. It would take forever for me to look through them all and type them all in.


      Super mario bros. (the live action one)

      Song of the south.

      Treasure Island (Disney, also Walt Disney's very first all live action movie)

      The wild thornberry's movie.

      The complete beatrix potter collection. Volume 1. (has 5 cartoons on it)
      The tale of peter rabbit and benjamin bunny. The tale of mr. tod. The tale of two bad mice and johhny town-mouse. The tale of Mr's tiggy winkle and Mr. jeremy fisher. The tale of glouchester.

      The legend of zelda. Havoc in hyrule. (old cartoon series) Has 4 episodes plus a bonus episode. Underworld connections. Stinging a stinger. Fairies in the spring. The missing link. Bonus episode: Sing for the unicorn.

      Watership Down.

      Watership Down, Winter on watership down. (cartoon series, that's the only episode on it)

      Who framed roger rabbit. (Vista Series 2 disc edition. Has a ton of stuff on it)

      Sesame street presents. Follow that bird! The first sesame street movie ever!

      Tom and jerry: the movie.

      3 Discs of Kimba the lion. Got them at Wal mart for $1 each. They all have 2 episodes each on them. As follows. Disc 1. The birth of kimba. Rumble in the jungle. Disc 2. A flood of grasshoppers. Law of the jungle. Disc 3. Hunting grounds. Jungle restaraunt.

      Man, it took forever to type all this out. *sweatdrops*
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        Land Before Time
        Land Before Time 2
        Land Before Time 3
        Land Before Time 4
        Land Before Time 5
        Land Before Time 6
        Land Before Time 7 - The Stone of Cold Fire
        Land Before Time 8 - The Big Freeze
        Land Before Time 9 - Journey to Big Water
        Asterix and the Big Fight
        Asterix vs Caesar
        Asterix in Britain
        Asterix and Cleopatra
        Asterix conquers America
        The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
        Biker Mice from Mars - Rock and Ride
        Biker Mice from Mars - We don't need no stinkin' city
        Biker Mice from Mars - A Mouse and his Motorcycle
        Biker Mice from Mars - The Masked Motorcyclist
        Biker Mice from Mars - Road Ravens
        Biker Mice from Mars - Mouse Agent 007
        Funny Bones
        Chicken Run
        The Road to El Dorado
        Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
        The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot
        Toy Story
        Jungle Book
        The Little Mermaid
        Christmas with Walt Disney
        Lion King
        The Tigger's Movie
        Thalian Space Wars - Space Quest for F-01 (Star Fleet)
        The Animals of Farthing Wood
        Serendipity - The Pink Dragon
        The Brave Little Toster
        Wind in the Willows
        Hammerman vol.1
        Hammerman vol.2
        The Last Unicorn
        Brer Rabbit's Christmas Carrol
        Woody Woodpecker
        Visionaries - Knights of the Magical Light
        Bolek & Lolek
        Treasure Island
        Care Bears vol.1
        Care Bears vol.2
        Challenge of the Superfriends - Attack of the Legion of Doom
        Batman - The Legend Begins
        Batman - Mask of the Phantasm
        Flash Gordon - The Greates Adventure of All
        Flash Gordon - The Animated Series vol.1
        Flash Gordon
        RoboCop - The Animated series (2 episodes)
        RoboCop 2
        RoboCop - The Series: Pilot Episode
        Close Encounters of the Third Kind
        Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
        Small Soldiers
        Knight Rider 2010
        The Flash (TV Series Pilot)
        Iron Eagle 2
        Iron Eagle 3 - The Aces
        DragonHeart: A New Beginning
        Mighty Joe Young
        Free Willy
        Power Rangers - The Movie
        Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers vol.2
        Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers vol.3
        Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers vol.4
        Myghty Morphin' Power Rangers - Special Edition
        Young Indiana Jones - Daredevils of the Desert
        Batman - Mask of the Phantasm
        The Adventures of Batman & Robin: Two-Face
        Batman The Animated Series vol.1 - "The Cat and the Claw"
        Batman The Animated Series vol.2 - "On Leather Wings" & "Heart of Ice"
        Saban's BeetleBorgs: Mettalix - The Movie
        Ulysses 31 - volume 1
        Wind in the Willows
        Paddington - Please Look After This Bear and Other Stories
        Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Green with Jealousy (Special Edition)
        Garfield & Friends vol.1, show 1-8
        Budgie the Little Helicopter: The Air Show
        My Little Thomas & Friends - Thomas & Bertie Adventures
        Pound Puppies
        The Fugitive - The Chase Continues
        Fire and Ice
        Action Man vol.4 - The Swarm

        I've also got a ton of shows taped, including the entire Beast Wars.

        Power Rangers: Turbo - Complete Series
        DinoRiders - Complete Series
        RoboCop: The Animated Series - Complete
        RoboCop: The Series - Complete
        The Frutties - Complete on 9 DVDs
        Transformers: The Movie
        Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
        TerraHawks - Complete Series

        And a lot more, but am now too lazy to list them all (I've got over 1000 DVDs)
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          oh gosh i can be here a week lol how about we just start with dvds

          i have like 5 looney toons dvds (cant go see which ones my mom is asleep in the room where they are)
          like 2 tom and jerry dvds
          pocahontas (my all time fav. disney movie i was obsessed when it came out)
          pocahontas 2

          vhs not sure i dont know all i have lol

          thanks Debbie


          thanks Dreamy
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            Walt Disney Classics (Still looking for black diamond versions of pinocchio and dumbo)
            Indy Films (Finding older raiders tape though)
            True Grit
            Top Gun
            Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier
            Diamonds are Forever
            Die Hard
            Star Wars Original Trilogy
            The Wolf Man

            I got quite a bunch actually over the past year, but I'm not gonna show off them.
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              I have:

              Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Mario Meets Koopzilla VHS tape.
              Super Mario Bros. 3 DVD boxset
              The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog DVD boxset
              Heathcliff DVD
              3 VHS tapes of the Three Stooges
              Three Stooges DVD
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                A few weeks ago, I bought from JB HI-FI a DVD of "Dot and her amazing adventures", which is a collection of Australian films from the 1980s. It includes "Around the world with Dot (1981)" and "Dot & Keeto (1986)"
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                  One of my favorite VHS tapes is Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue. I found it at a thrift store for fifty cents. Best cartoon ever!
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                    i have a whole bunch of old wrestling vhs and dvds i am currently looking for more
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                      Quote by Permbaby
                      One of my favorite VHS tapes is Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue. I found it at a thrift store for fifty cents. Best cartoon ever!

                      Ah LUCKY, I had to got my copy on Ebay and pay a cool 20 bucks for it, , a few years back.

                      Anyway as for my list, I have WAY to many to list. Mostly (to the shock of no one) of animated shows. Let's just say I have a HUGE collection of animated DVDs and a pretty decent collection of VHSs (though they're put away for now). Everything from puppetry to hand drawn animation to CGI in both movies, classic shorts, and TV shows.
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                        I have like 200 different animated series on DVD-R, Im only about 7 programs short of owning every Hanna Barbera cartoon, ever.
                        my youtube page for retro VHS Logos:

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                          I had hundred of VHS, but I threw it out so now I only have 30 left.
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                            Wow, where do I start?? Well I don't have any VHS tapes anymore because my family hasn't had a VCR in the house for three years now after our last one totally died and I smashed it on the kitchen floor for Anyway, when the VCR kicked the bucket, my family and I sat and made a list of stuff we wanted to find on DVD that we previously had on VHS or hadn't already bought on DVD. Then we like sold almost our entire collection of movies for like drum roll please...about $30. That's because VHS tapes really aren't worth anything anymore. But I digress.

                            I actually have a ton of retro stuff on DVD but that list would take me a good day or so to compile so I'll just rattle off a few of my favorites:
                            -Original Star Wars Trilogy
                            -Sonic The Hedgehog Complete Series
                            -Aliens Triple Pack
                            -Alien Resurrection
                            -Billy Madison
                            -Happy Gilmore
                            -Tommy Boy
                            -Dumb and Dumber
                            -The Lion King
                            -The Secret Of NIMH

                            ...and that's probably 1/64th of my family's collection. We probably get new movies about every two weeks to a month or so.
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                              I once owned a yellow limited editon box with four Pokemon season 1 VHS tapes.
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                                After half a dozen garage sales, I still have -

                                Star Wars trilogy
                                Evil Dead trilogy
                                Indiana Jones trilogy
                                Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
                                Little Nemo in Slumberland
                                Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (4 eps altogether)
                                Magical Mystery Tour

                                There's other I can't remember. Mostly bad horror from the 90's.
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                                  Bugs Bunny's Howl-Oween Special
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                                    I still have The Lion King and Timon Pumbaa's Wild Adventures on VHS.

                                    I also had TLK 2 & 3.
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                                      i have a really good collection of VHS. I have Batman(1989),Batman Returns and Batman Forever, a bunch of MST3K episodes, Ghostbusters, Cool World, American Pop, T2: Judgement day, Toy Story, Speed Racer the Movie and TMNT 1 and 3. as for tv shows i have Ren and Stimpy, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Best of Beakmans World, A Cops too hot for tv tape, Toxic Crusaders, A old Transformers tape, Dink the Little Dinosaur and thats pretty much it. and as for DVDs, I dont have much. I own maybe like 4 dvds. Most of my stuff is on VHS.
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                                        -I've got a rare instructional video for BMW 3 series cars. It came with a BMW my dad bought almost a decade ago, then sold a few months after buying it due to it killing his back ( back then, his back broke about once a week on average it seemed).
                                        -Somewhere in my tape drawer, I have an instructional painting video. My grandmother used to love painting before she died.
                                        -I have every episode of Captain N on several VHS and Beta tapes. Mostly from the original run, but some from reruns on other channels.
                                        -Some old Road Rovers and Freakazoid tapes.
                                        -Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Yes, I still use VHS to record stuff. Super glad I recorded it before they pulled it
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                                          I dont have many vhs left, my two favorite that I still have are Humphrey B Bear at the zoo, Mr Squiggle and a Play School video from the 80's. None of these are available on dvd.

                                          As for my dvd collection I have well over 1000 dvds with a heap of retro shows and movies.
                                          It would take me ages to list them all, so heres a link:

                                          I hope the link works!!
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