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    Hey, this is somedude v2. And in my new account, I submetted a New Article name "Retro VG Article 3". When I checked if it was on here yet, I found out it was accepted. So, I went to it, and I saw that is has gotten a -5 already! Yikes! So I'm making this thread to ask for help. I would appriciate it if you fellow Retro Junkers told me why it stunk, and how I can improve. Thaks people!

    -somedude v2
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      As you already know, I personally didn't think it was too bad. It's in need of some polish, to be sure, but it was entertaining and informative enough to warrant a thumbs up from me.

      I did notice that a picture doesn't show up on the main screen (not sure why). And you might have put a few more personal touches here and there.

      Aside from that, RJ can be kind of fickle. Articles that are good sometimes go to the back page for various reasons and articles that are bad can get a high score. Seen it happen more times than I can count.

      Either way, it's best to just not worry about it and start working on the next article. It will either succeed or fail, and once it's in the wild, there's not a lot you can do about it.
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        perhaps it WAS the missing picture that brought in bad company. But my main guess may have been the lack of spaces between the sentences and the pictures, a space and a colon : and centering of the entire article may be what could fix it. But this is my personally preferred style.
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          Shouldn't this be in the help forum?
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