Thread: Anybody 6 degrees of separation from a famous person?

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    I can do it in two (or is that one?)...

    I have two friends in their 60's. One is the ex-wife of Hector Elizondo (the limo driver in The Princess Diaries 1 & 2 and a doctor in Chicago Hope) and the other went to school with Bill Cosby and still invites him to her house when he comes to our neck of the woods. I've asked her to invite me over if he finds the time to accept her invitation. We'll see...

    How about you guys?
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      Kings of Leon: I'm the first assistant engineer listed in the credits of their first album.

      Al Green: I just finished doing some work on his recording studio.

      Stevie Ray Vaughan recorded at the studio where I used to work.

      I gave Tom Petty's keyboard player a ride to his hotel.

      Willie Nelson: My boss used to work for him.

      Issac Hayes: A friend of mine is part of his touring crew. Another friend used to be his business manager.

      My former boss is a childhood friend of Issac Tigret, founder of Hard Rock Cafe and current owner of the House of Blues chain of which Dan Akyroyd is a major investor.

      My old band once opened up for Green Day.

      A friend of mine mixed a Matchbox 20 album (although, I can't stand Matchbox 20).

      The music business is surprisingly small so with 6 degrees to work with I could keep going and going. But I'll just shut up now.
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        President John F. Kennedy was my third cousin.

        Does that count?
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          My college writing professor Bill Ransom wrote a trilogy with Frank Herbert.

          That's all i've got.
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            my third cousin is Tommy Lasorda

            my aunt through marriage cousin is Evertt Mcgill (the people under the stairs, heartbreak ridge, license to kill)

            another cousin of mine is a an Opera singer that sang once with Luciano Pavarotti

            My husbands grandmother is related to LT General "Stonewall" Jackson (cival war)

            my grandmother is friends with country singer Roy Clark
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              I was Childhood Friends with Mason Gamble (the kid who played the first Dennis the Mennace with Walter Mathow)

              I have other relatives that I dare not speak of for fear of handing out dangerous information, so I'll just keep who else I'm related to, to myself
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                I guess I'll give this a shot..... lemme think.......

                My friend is related to the kid on the first "Free Willy" movie.
                My father talked to Bill Cosby on the phone.
                I met Cynthia Rothrock (martial arts movie star) on a trolley in California.
                One of My first sargents in the Army has a son that is a pro football player (last name Tuggle)
                One of my brothers worked with a girl whose cousins with Usher
                Another one of my brothers met Kristi Alley and the guy that came up with the "Bad to the Bone" song.
                My third brother played basketball with Magic Johnson.
                I've got friends that have met and trained with various martial art movie stars and stunt people.
                My uncles used to be popular Gospel singers. (The Sensational Brown Brothers)
                I went to the same high school as Mario Lopez from Saved By the Bell. My brother was in the same class has he was.
                When I changed high schools I when to the school Marcus Allen did.
                My best friend met and got his picture taken with Tina Yothers from Family Ties.
                My mother met Frank Langella.

                That's all I can think of right now.
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                  Uh....this is my 1st cousin:
                  This is my step father:
                  This is my step brother:
                  This is my granddad:
                  This is my pop:

                  Keep in mind, credits are generally something you have to pay for if you're a crew member. My dad said back in the day when he worked for Paramount and Burbank studios, it was an extra 600 bucks if you didn't want to put your name in the credits. So, yeah....he'd have a lot more shows listed on IMdB. My grandfather would too, as they both worked on the original Dukes of Hazzard series and The Last Starfighter.
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                    as far as actually meeting celebs, I've met:

                    Ron Jeremy, Verne Troyer(mini me), Chubby Checker, Phil Fondacaro, Bobcat Goldthwait, GWAR, Goldfinger, Henry Rollins, the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, Elvira, Ultimate Warrior,Mad Dog Vashon, Gallagher, and Larry the Cable Guy...(I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting)

                    Where the 6 degrees thing comes in:

                    My Dad did pyro for The Beach Boys for several shows in our area.

                    Dad also did pyro for Erlene Mandrell and The Kroft Puppets aka Truck Shackley and the Texas Critters

                    I was just thinking, If you can say you are 6 degrees from Ron Jeremy, you should be 6 degrees of nearly anyone.......
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                      This is pretty far fetched, but here goes..

                      my aunty through marriage is a second cousin or something of Adam Gillcrest the cricket player.

                      My great grandfather was good friends with the ex husband of Dame Nellie Melba the opera singer.
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                        My Great Aunt was artits, Shimmel's step mom

                        Also my friend Meghan was an extra in Doc Hollywood, she met Michael J. fox.

                        I was in a wedding with a woman who met Oprah and touched her hair(shes a hair dresser).

                        When my husband and I were married in Lasvegas we met Royce Gracie He was staying in our hotel.

                        I dunno how to do the 6 degrees.
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                          I'd have to ask my Grandfather for the specific people again, but I believe I can do myself and Hitler in 4 or 5 steps.
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                            My mother's sister's husband's brother won an emmy for costume design in Raising Arizona.
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                              Despite being related to a semi-famous actor, I was also in "McKenna" with Jennifer Love Hewitt....I sat behind her in a classroom and threw balls of paper at this other actor for about six hours. Gee, wonder why THAT show bombed...
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                                Time to add to this, I guess: My wife and I met Dr. Jane Goodall at the Grand Hyatt we stayed at in Taipei. It was weird...she was in rm. 1934 and we were in rm. 1834, so she was basically sleeping right above us. Hope we didn't keep her awake.
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                                  I forgot to mention that NFL player Reggie Cobb's mother is a good friend of mine. And back in the eleventh grade my English teacher told us that Lisa Bonet (Cosby Show) is her cousin.
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                                    Quote by eightiesgirl86
                                    I forgot to mention that NFL player Reggie Cobb's mother is a good friend of mine. And back in the eleventh grade my English teacher told us that Lisa Bonet (Cosby Show) is her cousin.

                                    Lol...speaking of English 7th grade English teacher's husband was Gus Rethwisch, 'Buzzsaw' in 'The Running Man' and ex-frequent competitor in the World's Strongest Man competition.
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