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    When my sisters and I were growing up we had this video of nursery rhymes acted out...most of it was live action but some of it was bad animation...I'm trying to find videos from this to show my niece because we loved it so much growing up...when the video went to the next nursery rhyme it turned like a page in book....I know this isn't much to go on but if anyone has ANY idea where I could find this video I would love to know where...

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      Funny I was just looking for something similar (maybe the same video?). The 'London's Burning' page of the book had playing cards actually burning. Old King Cole had actual fiddles and drums playing. The rhyme 'its raining its pouring' ended with 'he went to bed and bumped his head and couldnt get up in the morning, nya nya nya nya nyah'.

      Is this the one you remember?

      I remember us watching it lots around the late 80s and early 90s. It was definitely a british video and from the 80s.

      If you find it, please post it here. I'll keep looking and will post it if I find it.
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        Hopefully you get an email with my response....or someone else searching can find happiness! After searching for a REALLY long time...

        It was renamed, I think it was called Longman's or something before this.
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