Thread: Theres a fine line between giving critique and bashing

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    I wrote the article "Pokemon Controversy". it was not well received. This fact does not upset me at all, but rather, the way you all chose to tell me that was a bad article does.

    I welcome critique. I LOVE critique. It's what makes bad writers good and good writers better. However, perhaps you should choose the words you use as a critic wisely. after all, it isn't so much what you say than how you say it.

    For example:

    Dalmatianlover wrote -
    "What is this article doing back on the front page? This article has a lack of pictures, too much text, and above all, the author doesn't even know what he's talking about! Don't even think about talking back to me this time, guys, because this is for certain an epic fail of an article."

    Who says an article has to have an abundance of pictures to be good? Depending on the subject, a picture of the subject matter could be all that is necessary.

    How can too much text be bad for an article? It's an ARTICLE. you are suppose to READ IT.

    Also, from the other comments I read, I got ONE fact wrong. Simply put, why didn't you just politely correct my mistake and leave it at that instead being a jerk about it?

    Benjanime wrote-
    "dude seriously, you have no experience writing an article on this site. use regular words, not internet meme's for christ sake. and if you're going to make an article on controversy, don't go off of the subject. the point of writing an article is being specific and precise as possible. if you can't do either of these then you're better off not writing at all"

    Yes, Ben. you are right. I don't have much experience writing articles here, which is exactly why you should be more understanding. You don't scream at a 4 year old because they can't catch a football right. it's new to him. He is trying to learn the ropes. Same concept applies here.

    Those are the only 2 comments that really got to me, as the others were ACTUAL critique or compliments. I just really had to gets this out there. Think what you will of it, it makes no difference to me. I'm not trying to make either of these 2 members look bad or anything like that. all I'm saying is PLEASE, not only for my own, but for all articles, watch your words. It only takes One word said wrong to offend someone.
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      Grow up.
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        Threads like this often become excuses for attacks of various sorts, but before I lock it, here's some advice: You won't always get good feedback. Sometimes your work WILL be blasted. Learn from your mistakes and read what others have to say. Separate the words from each other. The critics may have good advice for you.

        And with that, this is locked.
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