Thread: Does anybody remember these commercials?

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    There was an eggo commercial that had a boy and a girl sitting at a table. The girl was playing with her doll. The boy tries to steal the girl's eggo and the girl makes a scary face. The boy gets scared and recoils back in his chair. The girl then says look dolly a chipmunk. When I was a kid I saw the commercial and thought that it was hilarious. My friends cannot seem to remember it, and I cannot find a copy. Does anybody remember the commercial or know where I can see it?

    I remember that in the 90's the brand Limited Too was very popular. A friend of mine said that she remembered that they ran a lot of TV commercials. I don't remember any. Does anybody remember any Limited Too commercials or have any examples?
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      I think I saw it before
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        I remember that Eggo commercial. It scared the crap out of Me.
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          I remember that one and it did catch me off guard but I did think it was pretty funny.

          (girl makes a scary face and says in a big, deep, monstrous voice) "GET AWAY FROM MY EGGO!!!" - LOL!

          ...cant resist!
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            It was like The Exorcist!
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              I remember the Eggo ad. There was a Rice Kripsies Treats commercial from the 90s that was similar - the girl is out of Rice Krispies Treats so she makes a scary face and yells "I WANT ONE!" to make the other kids give her one.
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