Thread: Which cartoon would YOU bring back?

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    Well I'd bring back Road Rovers for sure and mabye Beavis and Butthead.
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      1. Doug
      2. Rocko's Moden Life
      3. Angry Beavers
      4. Yakkity Yak
      5. Charlie Brown
      6. Super Mario Bros. Super Show/3/World
      7. Inspector Gadget
      8. Legend of Zelda
      9. Sonic the Hedgehog
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        • 12 years 18 days ago
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        Stunt Dawgs so I could remember what it's like.

        X-Men (either Evolution or the first one)
        Batman the Animated Series
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          1. Anamaniacs
          2. Tiny Toons
          3. Captain Plantet and The Platanteers
          4. David The Gnome
          5. TMNT
          6. Ahh real monsters.
          7. Doug (Nicks version)
          8. CatDog
          9. Jem
          10. Beverly Hills Teens (it sounds intesting)

          And a whole buncha others I can't remeber at this time.
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            Well, I don't know about cartoons, but I'd definitely redo the videogame "Virtua fighter 4" and keep them from completely stripping Jeffry of his essence, leaving someone unrecognisable.
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              i would so bring the awesome 90's animated xmen back!!!
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                Oh my gosh, where to begin??

                TMNT (original), X-Men animated, Fantastic Four animated, Transformers (original), Darkwing Duck, David the Gnome, there's just too many! I don't have enough time to name them all! Anyway, perhaps we should start a petition to bring them all back? That would be sweet.
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                  I like to see the Supermario supershow and mario 3 Old TMNT GI JOE Captian N and the gamemaster Legend of Zelda Transformers Garfield Camp Candy Back to the Future cartoon peewees playhouse muppet babies go bots
                  the nozzles the lil bits lil kollra inspector gadget david the gnome pac man and more i cant even name.
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                    Quote by Rhio2k
                    Quote by stapleton71
                    i would bring back rockos modern questions asked

                    Directv channel 302 is NickToon, and they show Rocko's Modern Life, 3 eps a day, as well as CatDog, and AAAH!! Real Monsters. I keep telling people Dirctv is their friend, but nobody listens. And This is BASIC Directv, too. $35 a month.

                    AAAAH!!real monster was my fav show and Rocko's modern life also.
                    i did not care for catdog. they need to put those show on cartoon network or nick. either will be fine.
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                      Quote by Anonymous
                      lets see im 13 and love ed edd and eddy and some others 2 and i want back:

                      1. Ninja Turtles
                      2. ren and stimpy
                      3. pinky and the brain

                      probably some more i dont remember ( ps: retro games is pretty fun)

                      the original ninja turtle, ren&stimpy was awsome,pinky and the brain i did noe care for. but i have a colectors toy of stimpy (that farts when you squeez him from 1992.)
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                        I would like to bring back Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Turbo Teen , Tranformers, He-Man and all the old Saturday Morning cartoons that were on ABC, NBC,CBS from 81-95 Cartoon Express and the Old Nick Toons from 92-98

                        He's fantastic ,he's the smartest , he the brillant, he's the best ,Danger Mouse Danger Mouse , Danger Mouse.

                        -Danger Mouse
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                          Are we talking about shows we'd like to bring back to tv with repeats or take the shows and make new eps. because if the second is the case i think they should make more eps of the gummi bears and gargoyles.
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                            Quote by changa
                            you know i just read on this hilarious article about this stuff..briung back HEY DUDE

                            YES! I <heart> Hey Dude...Mrs. Ben Stiller was on that show, remember perky blonde Melody? So yeah, Cartoons though:

                            Heathcliff (and the CC's)
                            Adventures of the Little Koala
                            DANGER MOUSE
                            Pinwheel (not a cartoon, per-se)
                            TMNT (the one I knew from grade 4)
                            Special Delivery
                            Mysterious Cities of Gold
                            Fraggle Rock (the MUPPET version)
                            Muppet Babies
                            Dungeons and Dragons
                            The New Kids on the Block cartoon...just for yuks.

                            I thought I'd have more but meh...
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                              Quote by TimCurryChick85
                              Are we talking about shows we'd like to bring back to tv with repeats or take the shows and make new eps. because if the second is the case i think they should make more eps of the gummi bears and gargoyles.

                              Heh, that's exactly what I was going to say! But I'm hesitant to make new episodes of anything the way Disney is going these days. They "retardize" everything by making it for a younger audience. I don't like the new Ninja Turtles or Transformers, either, but I did like X-men: Evolution. I would like to see the originals brought back. Also:

                              Inspector Gadget
                              Ghostbusters (maybe)
                              Jem (that might be a culture shock :lol:)
                              In fact, bring back the entire Disney Afternoon!
                              THE ORIGINAL WARNER BROTHERS CARTOONS! Man, these kids need those.

                              The other shows like Ducktails, Aladdin, X-Men, Spiderman, etc. I get to see on Toon Disney, but it would be nice to have them air on regular television on weekends.
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                                To start it would be GI Joe then the T-formers followed by M.A.S.K. can't FORGET THE gUMMIE bEARS.
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                                  I want to see Thundercats get the makeover treatment like Ninja Turtles, He-Man, and all the rest.

                                  This is why I bought both parts of the Season 1 DVDs. Sure, it was over a hundred bucks for one season, after taxes, but by gum, if it worked for Family Guy, it can work for Thundercats!
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                                    • 12 years 8 days ago
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                                    I would bring back rocko garfield and friends the origonale xmen david the nome gummy bears gumby tintin and most of the old disney and nick shows but iwouldnt want to see new vershons of the shows because the new versions never live up to the origonale ones and you shouldnt mess with the classics
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                                      I would love to see new episodes of the Gummi Bears. Didnt they go back to some Gummi Land at the end of the show? Been a while since i saw it. wouold be interesting to learn what happened to them.

                                      Peter Pan and the Pirates would be cool to bring back. With the popularity of Finding Neverland people might watch it. Making new eps of that show would be cool too. It probably wouldn't suck. Doesnt everything and anything relating to Peter Pan have to go through James Barrie's representatives. Isn't Peter Pan heavily trademarked? I dont think new eps of that would suck if Barrie's "people" were involved. LOL
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                                        • 12 years 7 days ago
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                                        The Real Ghostbusters
                                        Alvin & The Chipmonks
                                        X-men Evolution
                                        Tiny Toons
                                        Captain N
                                        Gummi Bears
                                        Mighty Max
                                        Camp Candy (awesome intro!)
                                        Life With Louie

                                        A whole lot more. Just because I haven't seen them all in ages. You know, I woundn't even be made if some network took a few of these shows and re-aired them (starting with the first episodes in order to last) as a Saturday morning (or if a cable station, a SaturDAY) lineup. That would be damn cool.
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                                          Quote by liss
                                          the origonale xmen
                                          Which one?
                                          You mean the ORIGINAL original x-men cartoon, the one with Dazzler and Shadowcat on the main team, or the 90's X-Men with Beast and Rogue?

                                          As in, this one:

                                          Or this one:
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