Thread: What Cartoons Do You Own on Tape/DVD?

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    you can get both MLP movies on DVD on Ebay, I have 2 of them. They are burned off, but the quality is not bad.
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      Well I have quite a lot, I collected when I was younger..

      My pridest posession is DBZ! Some of it was taped from TV, but I did watch that a lot!

      Something else I used to do was just put the videorecorder on when there came a nice cartoon on Fox Kids or Cartoon Network and just tape it, turn it off when something lame came and turn it back on when something cool came! Those were the days..
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        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (reallly bad quality though ), Dragon ball Z, Gundam Wing, Spider-Man: Ultimate Villian Showdown, taht is all I can remember.
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          • 12 years 3 months ago
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          Lately it's been Transformers Cybertron but that could change by the time the next series comes on.
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            I have a tape with some GI joe movie on it, one with some old bugs bunny cartoons on it, and a bunch of random crap on tapes.
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              just some classic Ren and Stimpy episodes, and some ATHF
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                3 Animaniacs VHSs
                2 X-Men cartoon tapes from Pizza Hut plus some eps taped off TV

                Rock a Doodle on DVD
                An American Tale and Fivel goes west on DVD
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                  • 12 years 1 month ago
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                  DVD The Real Ghostbusters Vol.1 & Vol.2
                  DVD MOTU Season 1 Vol. 2
                  DVD M.A.S.K Vol. 1
                  DVD Megaman a Hero is born BOX
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                    I have every episode of the 1994 Version of Iron Man and about 6 CDs with Swat Kats on them
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                      I own

                      Jem 1&2 season
                      Kimagure Orange Road
                      Gatchaman 1 Boxset
                      Candy Candy on VHS
                      Sailor Moon in Spanish
                      Ranma 1/2 in spanish
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                        Care Bears (several episodes; some with and without commercials)
                        Pound Puppies (a few episodes; no commercials)
                        That P.P. movie
                        Fat Albert Christmas (with commercials)
                        A Snow White Christmas (once again, with commercials)
                        Sailor Moon (about 17 or so eps., it's the official tapes, so there are no commercials)
                        Super Mario Bros. 3 (an official tape with 6 episodes, no commercials)
                        The Simpsons (seasons 2-5; we recorded it every Sunday/Thursday for years)
                        Pokemon (several eps; out of order)
                        Dragonball Z (a couple of eps)
                        Several Christmas cartoons (Both Charlie Browns, 2 Simpsons, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, etc., all with commercials!)
                        SpongeBob (several eps)
                        so many other cartoons I have on tape, but it's just one or two episodes of certain shows I just wanted to see.

                        on DVD:

                        The Simpsons, season 4
                        The Simpsons, season 5
                        Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands 1
                        Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands 2 (you can't imagine how excited I was to find out that it actually existed!)
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                          Not alot of them are really retro but I haven't started recording shows until 2004, though I might have some earlier recordings but I don't know where they are, I should start trading VHS tapes, I'll list my VHS and DVDS:

                          recorded VHS tapes:
                          Pokemon (I have two Season 1 episodes, and one Season 5 episode and they're all recorded from Kids WB, Season 5 episode includes commercials)
                          Invader Zim (three episodes, two of them with commercails one without commercails)
                          The Fresh Prince of Bel-air (one with commercais)
                          The Cartoon Cartoon Show
                          Foster's home for imaginary friends
                          Fairly odd parents
                          Ed, Edd, n eddy
                          The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
                          Codename: Kids Next Door
                          Danny Phantom
                          Dexter's Laboratory
                          Nick Rewind
                          Kirby Right back at Ya

                          VHS releases:
                          The Super Mario Bros Super Show (Count Koopula Kids Klassics release)
                          The Legend of Zelda (Gannons Evil Tower)
                          Kirby Right Back At Ya (Kirby comes to Cappy Town)
                          Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystel Coconuts feature length version
                          Pokemon The First Movie
                          Toy Story 2
                          Harry Potter and the Sorcror's Stone
                          Lance Burtions Instruction video
                          Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers "Rangers Danger"
                          Alvin and the Chipmunks "Alvin's Christmas Carrol"
                          Tiny Toon Adventures "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"

                          DVD releases:
                          The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 (King Koopa Katastipie)
                          The Legend of Zelda: the complete DVD boxset by Shout! Factory
                          Kirby: Right Back at ya (Fright to the Finish movie, includes a bounus episode)
                          The super Mario Bros Super Show Volume 1 DVD boxset by Shout! Factory
                          The Pink Panther Vol. 1
                          Invader Zim Vol. 1

                          DVDs I burned myself a copy of (borrowed it from my friends DVDs)
                          Sonic X Vol 1-7
                          Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie
                          Sonic Underground DVD boxset from the UK

                          Bootleg DVDs (I downloaded them and burned them on DVD)
                          The Super Mario Bros Super Show (all episodes without live action segments)
                          You Can't do that on Television (four episodes)
                          Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (East Meets West movie and a bounus cartoon TMNT episode)
                          Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (all episodes including Sonic's Christmas Blast)
                          Rocko's Modern Life (seasons 1-2)
                          Dexter's Laboratory (working on Season 1)

                          Bootleg DVDs I'm going to burn:
                          Super Mario Bros 3
                          Rocko's Modern Life (remaining episodes)
                          Dexter's Laboratory (remaining episodes)
                          Alvin and the Chipmunks (some episodes)
                          Kirby: Right back at ya (some episodes)
                          F-zero GP Legend (all US episodes)
                          CBS Saturday Morning 1984
                          Captain N: The Game Master
                          Sonic Satam
                          Fairly odd Parents
                          Gumby (some episodes)
                          Donkey Kong Country (some episodes)
                          Heathcliff (some episodes)
                          You Can't Do That On Television
                          Teen Titans
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                            Do you still have your Kidd Video eps? I'm looking to find them, whether through straight download or torrents.

                            Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that you lost some of your cartoons!

                            Quote by Edymnion
                            I don't have much on actual tape (in fact, I think my tapes are limited to one Darkwing Duck video, one Dinoriders, and a few misc. saturday morning cartoons like Smurfs Christmas Special).

                            However, I do have a lot on my computer (long live P2P!)

                            Bionic Six
                            Count Duckula
                            Darkwing Duck
                            David the Gnome
                            Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (whole series, I believe)
                            Kidd Video (most of the series)
                            Legend of Zelda
                            Mysterious Cities of Gold (I know I have every last episode of this one)
                            Rainbow Brite (either most of the series, or most of season 1, if it had multiple seasons)
                            Real Ghostbusters
                            Ulysses 31
                            The Wuzzles

                            Update: I had to reformat my computer a while ago, and I lost the episodes on my HD. I still have them on backup CD, but I'm not quite sure how many of these are actually ON the backup CDs. Most of them, I'm certain, but some may not be. Anybody that REALLY wants one, I can try to dig it out, but there's no garuntees.
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                              • 12 years 2 days ago
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                              the first season of Transformers
                              the complete 3 seasons of beast wars
                              a couple of teenage mutant ninja turtles tapes
                              2 episodes of power rangers, about the green ranger
                              2 episodes of x-men and a legend of wolverine dvd
                              thats all i can think of right now
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                                This is going to be somewhat sad, folks...

                                Four tapes of Ghostbusters (Filmation version)
                                Thundercats Season 1 - vol. 1 & 2
                                Seven tapes of Dragon Ball Z
                                Ten tapes of Sailor Moon (I'm going to get lynched for that one)
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                                  A few Disney Sing-A-Longs

                                  many tapes of cartoons and stuff where my dad would get up at sometimes 4 in the morning to record something that he knew I would like.

                                  Boy do I miss my dad
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                                    too much if you ask me!!!!!!

                                    heres a not up-to-date list

                                    snow white
                                    THE EXPLORER SUPER SILLY FIESTA
                                    STRABERRY SHORTCAKE BERRYX-MAX
                                    SOUTH PARK BIGGER LONGER UNCUT
                                    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
                                    SHARK TALE
                                    ICE AGE
                                    A BUG’S LIFE
                                    SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS FIRST SEASON
                                    PIGLET BIG MOVIE
                                    MICKEY MOUSE TWICE UPON X-MAS
                                    PRINCESS PARTY
                                    THE LITTLE MERMAID
                                    tHE JUNGLE BOOK
                                    DISNEY PRINCESS SING A LONG
                                    BARBIE IN FARYTOPIA
                                    CARE BEARS JOKE A LOT
                                    MONSTER INC
                                    WINNIE THE POOH VALENTINE
                                    DISNEY PRINCESS STORIES 1
                                    DISNEY RPINCESS STORIES 2
                                    BABY EINSTEIN WORLD ANIMAL
                                    BABY EINSTEIN SHAPES
                                    BABY EINSTEIN CLASSIC
                                    SPONGEBOB MOVIE
                                    STRABERRY SHORTCAKE GET WELL ADVENTURE
                                    TOY STORY 1
                                    TOY STORY 2
                                    WINNIE THE POOH HEFFALUMP MOVIE
                                    FINDING NEMO
                                    BRATZ THE MOVIE
                                    HOME ON THE RANGE
                                    SHREK 2
                                    CHIKEN RUN
                                    WINNIE THE POOH SPRING TIME WITH ROO
                                    SPONGEBOB SEA STORIES
                                    8 CRAZY NIGHTS
                                    lION KING 2
                                    SESAME STREET SINGS KARAOKE
                                    SLEEPING BEAUTY
                                    WINNIE THE POOH HALLOWEEN
                                    NIMPH 2
                                    WINNIE THE POOH SING A LONG
                                    BROTHER BEAR
                                    ELMO’S WORLD
                                    BARBIE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER
                                    THE TIGGER MOVIE
                                    MAX AND RUBY X-MAS
                                    BARBIE SWAN LAKE
                                    THE INCREDIBLES
                                    WINNIE THE POOH 123
                                    MICKEY MOUSE AND THE 3 MUSKETEERS
                                    THE WIGGLES
                                    The care bear wish star movie
                                    The muppet show season 1
                                    The muppet show season 2
                                    The muppet show season 3
                                    The muppet show season 4
                                    The muppet show season 5
                                    The simpsons 1 season
                                    South Park season 1
                                    My little pony 1st season
                                    My little pony a minty chrismas
                                    The little mermaid 2
                                    DOora big sister
                                    My little pony the movie
                                    the nightmare before christmas
                                    Bartz rock angelz
                                    Dora farytale adventure
                                    Chiken little
                                    Disney princess christmas enchantement
                                    the simpsons season 2
                                    the simpsons season 3
                                    My Scene go hollywood
                                    My scene madness
                                    Santa vs snowman
                                    TIM BURTON CORPSE ‘S BRIDE
                                    BARBIE IN MERMAIDIA
                                    winnie the pooh a merry pooh year
                                    barbie's Diaries
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                                      My twin sister and I used to have tons of stuff on homemade tapes but we threw it all away during one of my Mom's mandatory basement cleanouts. I have since purchased a few childhood favorites on DVD, though:

                                      The Last Unicorn
                                      The Secret of NIMH
                                      Watership Down
                                      Disney's Alice in Wonderland
                                      Disney's Sleeping Beauty
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                                        GARGOYLES -THE MOVIE-
                                        SILVER SURFER ORIGIN
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –ORIGINS-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –PARADISE LOST-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –JUSTICE ON TRIAL-
                                        BATMAN VOLUME 1 (TWO ORIGINAL EPISODES FROM TAS)
                                        BATMAN VOLUME 2 (TWO ORIGINAL EPISODES FROM TAS)
                                        BATMAN VOLUME 3 (TWO ORIGINAL EPISODES FROM TAS)
                                        BATMAN VOLUME 5 (TWO ORIGINAL EPISODES FROM TAS)
                                        BATMAN VS DRACULA (THE NEW ANIMATED SERIE --???--)
                                        G.I.JOE THE MOVIE
                                        BATMAN & ROBIN VS JOKER AND PENGUIN (1970´s EPISODES)
                                        WILD CATS (THREE ORIGINAL EPISODES)
                                        SPIDERMAN –REVENGE OF THE GREEN GOBLIN-
                                        SPIDERMAN –GREEN GOBLIN-
                                        SPIDERMAN –SPIDERMAN VS DAREDEVIL -
                                        X-MEN VOLUME ONE (ORIGINAL FROM FOX)
                                        X-MEN VOLUME TWO (ORIGINAL FROM FOX)
                                        THE INCREDIBLE HULK -THE RETURN OF THE BEAST-

                                        BATMAN TAS 1 –Region 4-
                                        BATMAN TAS 2 –Region 4-
                                        BATMAN TAS 3 –Region 1-
                                        BATMAN TAS 4 –Region 4-
                                        BATMAN –MASK OF THE PHANTOM-
                                        BATMAN –SUBZERO-
                                        BATMAN –MISTERY OF THE BATWOMAN-
                                        BATMAN BEYOND –RETURN OF THE JOKER-
                                        BATMAN BEYOND THE COMPLETE SERIE
                                        SPIDERMAN –GREEN GOBLIN-
                                        SPIDERMAN –SPIDERMAN VS DAREDEVIL -
                                        SPIDERMAN –THE BLACK COSTUME SAGA –
                                        SPIDERMAN –REVENGE OF THE GREEN GOBLIN –
                                        SPIDERMAN –VS DOC OCK-
                                        SPIDERMAN –THE COMPLETE 1990´S TAS- (6 DVD)
                                        THE FANTASTIC FOUR BOX SET (THE 1990´S COMPLETE SERIE)
                                        THE FANTASTIC FOUR (THE 1970´S COMPLETE SERIE)
                                        X-MEN –THE REVENGE OF WOLVERINE-
                                        X-MEN (I THINK VOLUME 2)
                                        THE INCREDIBLE HULK -THE RETURN OF THE BEAST-
                                        ULTIMATE AVENGERS (I DON´T KNOW IF THIS ONE MUST BE HERE)
                                        HE-MAN AND MOTU (10 BEST EPISODES)
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –ORIGINS-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –PARADISE LOST-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –JUSTICE ON TRIAL-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD-
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –INJUSTICE FOR ALL –
                                        JUSTICE LEAGUE –THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON -
                                        SUPER FRIENDS SEASON 1 –Region 4-
                                        SUPER FRIENDS SEASON 2 –Region 4-
                                        MAZINGER ZETA –THE COMPLETE SERIE- (92 CHAPTERS)


                                        THE HOBGOBLIN PART 1
                                        THE HOBGOBLIN PART 2
                                        THE MUTANT AGENDA –NEOGENIC NIGHTMARE PART 4-
                                        THE REVENGE OF THE MUTANTS –NEOGENIC NIGHTMARE PART 5-
                                        ENTER THE GREEN GOBLIN –SINS OF THE FATHERS PART 4-
                                        THE SPOT - SINS OF THE FATHERS PART 12-
                                        GOBLIN WAR! -SINS OF THE FATHERS PART 13-
                                        TURNING PONT - SINS OF THE FATHERS PART 14-
                                        THE RETURN OF THE GREEN GOBLIN –THE PARTNERS IN DANGER PART 8-
                                        THE WEDDING

                                        MAYBE INCLUDE “GUILTY” –THE PARTNERS IN DANGER PART 1-
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                                          Anytime Disney releases a Platinum/Collector's Edition of their classic films, I'm all over it.
                                          As for TV cartoons, I've got Gargoyles season 1, and season 2 vol. 1. I've also got two Bobby's World DVDs.
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