Thread: What Cartoons Do You Own on Tape/DVD?

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    I actually was looking on line for people who like to trade seasons. I'm not interested in buying or selling. I would just like to trade some cartoons that I have for some seasons that I don't have. These are the sets that I have-

    Talespin- 8.5 out of 10
    Gummi Bears- 8.5 out of 10
    Ducktales- 8 out of 10
    The Wuzzles- 8 out of 10
    Silver Surfer- 8.5 out of 10
    Jumanji- 8.5 out of 10
    Marsupilami- 8.5 out of 10
    These are all full sets.

    Droids- Commercial
    Ewoks- Commercial
    Batman the Animated Series- Commercial
    Lord of the Rings (Animated)- Commercial
    The Return of the King (Animated)- Commercial
    The Hobbit (Animated- don't think that they've ever made a live action)- Commercial.

    Let me know if anyone does actually trade sets. Thanks.
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      let see....counting VHS and DVD its a bunch of random episodes and a couple series..

      -JEM (i had all 4 discs of season 1&2 but ended up losing 2 of them
      -Pound Puppies
      -Rainbow brite
      -Maple town
      -Sailor moon
      -Chip and dale rescue rangers
      -new adventures winne the pooh
      -gummi bears
      -care bears
      -strawberry shortcake
      -various 80s disney specials
      -snoopy the musical
      -my little pony
      -my little pony tales

      I'm sure there are more...
      *That's it! I'm so gonna be like Angela Bower...except with better clothes.*
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        my collection is very nice.
        i have ATHF seasons 1, 2, and 3
        i have both family guys
        clerks the cartoon series
        and my best one
        The Fresh Prince of Balair
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          ATHF seasons 1-3
          the orginal He-man collectors box set
          every episode of peewee's playhouse tape from from TV
          most of dragon ball z last 2 series (if anyone wants)
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            Tons. I'm not even kidding.... I'd say I have at least 500 VHS tapes, a lot of them animated. Also about 300DVDs, 200VCDs, 2 LD (don't even have an LD player). It's like a media warehouse in here. This appears to be my last list, I don't think it's been updated in a long time...

            Adventures in Wonderland (live action)
            Adventures in Wonderland vol 1

            Adventures of the Little Koala
            Turtle Egg
            Mountain Climbing
            Eucolptis Leaves Bug

            Adventures of Pete and Pete
            A few TV eps
            A few original commercial shorts

            Care Bears
            Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland
            Care Bears Movie I
            Care Bears Movie II

            Curious George
            Claymation special

            Darkwing Duck
            MANY (around 58 eps)

            Don't Just Sit There

            Treasure of the Golden Suns (2 hour WORLD PREMIER original)
            Time is Money (2 hours)
            Sphinx for the Memories
            Jungle Duck
            Treasure of the Lost Lamp MOVIE
            Where no Duck Has Gone Before
            Micro Ducks From Outer Space

            Finder's Keepers

            Thanksgiving Day special
            Halloween Special
            Christmas Special
            Original Garfield&Friends ep

            Glo Friends
            Front Page

            Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics
            King Grizzle Beard
            Snow White and Red Rose
            The Man of Iron
            The Six Swans
            Marriage of Mrs. Fox
            Jorinde & Joringle
            The Six that Went Their Way (missing a few minutes)

            A couple of episodes

            Gummi Bears
            Up, Up and Away
            King Igthorn Part 1

            The Great Pussini
            Kitty Kay Kennels
            Chaucy's Grea Escape
            Carnival Capers

            Hello Kitty and Friends
            Keroppi Out Treasure
            Kerropi Adventures of Gulliver
            Pekkle Find the Secret Treasure

            Hulk Hogans Rock'n Wrestling
            Amazons Just Wanna Have Fun

            Hugga Bunch
            3 Golden Book animated stories

            Little Bits
            About 4 episodes, haven't totally checked.

            Little Nemo
            Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland (movie)

            2 misc episodes

            Witch Doctor is Which?

            3-5 episodes, not sure

            Random episode

            Mr. Boogidy
            Made for TV Movie 1
            Made for TV Movie 2

            Hey Cinderella (Nick special)
            Frog Prince
            Bunch of Muppet Show eps

            Muppet Babies
            Great Muppet Cartoon Show

            My Little Pony
            1 episode

            A New Friend
            Koala Bear Magic
            A Day With Grandma
            Picture Perfect
            2 others

            Paddington Bear
            45 minutes of episodes

            The Golden Falcon

            Picture Pages (30 mins each)
            What's Different?
            Shapes and Colors
            What's That Shape?
            Who's Counting?
            Clear Thinking
            Sights and Sounds

            Pooh Corner
            You Need a Friend
            Doing What I Do Best
            Christmas at Pooh Corner

            6 hours

            Popple's Alley
            Where The Pop Flies
            Molars, Bicuspids, and Popples
            The Treasure of Popple Beach
            Poppin at the Carwash
            Popples Cheer
            Horray for Hollywood Popples
            Backyard Bigtop
            Springtime's A Poppin
            Popples Play Pee Wee Golf
            What's Poppin' At the Library
            Cooking up a Storm

            Potato Head Kids
            Puff's New Job
            Sam Spud- Private Eye

            Puff the Magic Dragon
            Puff the Magic Dragon

            Punky Brewster Cartoon
            Chocolate factory (missing end)

            Rainbow Brite
            The Mighty Monstromurk Menace
            Murkey's Comet
            Star Sprinkled

            Real Ghostbusters
            7 eps

            Rescue Rangers
            One or two on Toon Disney

            Sesame Street
            Follow That Bird
            Don't Eat the Pictures

            few episodes
            Sherlock Hound
            Moriarty Unleashed
            White Silver Getaway

            Shirt Tales
            The big Foot Incident

            Small Wonder
            5 episodes

            The Day they Fixed Junior Wetworth

            Strawberry Shortcake
            Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City
            The World of Strawberry Shortcake
            Pets on Parade

            Super Mario World
            A bunch I haven't checked yet

            SuperTed and the Tale of the Stolen Rocketship
            SuperTed and the Inca Treasure
            SuperTed and the Elephant Graveyard
            SuperTed and the Train Robbers

            Balooest of Blue Bloods
            From Here to Machinery

            Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
            Whole tape full I haven't check yet

            Yogi Bear
            Yogi's Great Escape

            You Can't Do That on Television
            Keeping Clean
            Gossip and Rumors
            Justice and Injustice
            Body Parts
            Peer Pressure
            Equal Rights
            Outer Space
            Luck (incomplete)
            Wild Life
            Television Commercials
            St. Patrick's Day hour long Canadian 1970s episode

            Entire 13 episodes
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              sheep in the big city, spongebob, simpsons, family guy. Not all retro.
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                I have these on VHS, but I plan to hopefully transfer them too DVD soon:

                Big Bird in Japan

                Care Bears: Adventures in Wonderland

                Heidi's Song (animated)

                Katy Caterpillar

                My Little Pony Movie (with the flying flutter wing ponies)

                Yogi Bear's Great Escape

                Disney cartoon shorts ( A whole bunch of them on 1 tape)

                I also taped Sleeping Beauty and some Disney stuff that is now on DVD.

                That's all I can think of now.

                I wish I had taped more stuff when I was young, I think i somehow thought that the shows would always be there.
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                  I literally have more tapes than I can keep track of, well over fifteen, I'm still in the process of going through them all.

                  Most of them were recorded directly from TV from 88 to about 93 (nearly all with commercials, thank god!), I know for a fact that theres a Magic School Bus episode, and Addams Family Episode, and lots of Shining Time Station episodes.

                  I want to create DVDs of these before they die forever, most of them are in very good condition too.
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                    This is the bulk of my collection, except the ones way in the back corner under my bed and a few stacks sprawled here and there....

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                      i have

                      shnookums and meat funny cartoon show
                      the mouse and the monster
                      mad jack the pirate
                      maniac mansion the tv series (rare)
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                        I'm having a difficult time finding it, but I did find an old tape from, (I'm assuming, based on the commercials), 1985. It has Saturday morn shows taped from off of ABC, so I have an ep of the Star Wars cartoon (Droids/Ewoks) and some other things I can't recall right off, but the Ewoks I simply adored. There was an ep of the Laff-Olympics too (anyone else find this show incredibly lame now? lol).

                        I haven't seen this tape in ages. I should go look for it again. When I found that tape, I decided to do the same exact thing; tape ABC Sat morn cartoons in that tape got lost. I was planning on doing that every 10 years to compare and contrast.

                        Official cartoon on tape, the only thing I can think of is my Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day tape (around here someplace) and my Teddy Ruxpin tape about that princess that was kidnapped for talking with a stranger.
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                          Official Earthworm Jim tapes, Ren & Stimpy, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mario Bros., Garfield, Spider-Man, X-Men, even Sailor Moon, and Official South Park tapes.
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                            X-Men cartoon from the 80's, one episode of he 90's X-Men, Incredible Hulk on DVD, first two seasons of Ninja Turtles.
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                              i own some
                              DragonBall Z
                              Dragon Ball GT
                              CODE Lyoko
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                                Its mostly Disney movies but I have some cartoons like wild thornberrys and peter pan and the pirates. Ahh real Monsters, some christmas cartoon classics, Disney's Halloween Treat, Don Bluth Collection, Darkwing Duck...thats mainly whats on the shelf but in the basement i know i have tailspin and xmen and a lot more
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                                  I have a few taped off tapes, but I have absolutely no idea whats on them. In offical released tapes I have:
                                  Ewoks cartoon
                                  Ren and Stimpy
                                  Jem seasons 1-3 (dvd)
                                  Oblongs (dvd)
                                  I have much more cartoon movies than show episodes.
                                  2 MLP movies
                                  2 Unico
                                  The Last Unicorn
                                  Spirited Away
                                  Wizards (WEIRDEST MOVIE EVER)
                                  Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer

                                  Much more, this is all I can remember.
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                                    Oh the last unicorn i have that too
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                                      I admit that in Middle School I was into the "Poke'mon" craze! (Heck, we all were back then) I used to tape random episodes off my old television, which turned out to be in very piss poor quality and sound! I'd still watch it though and then later I'd tape even more episodes till the tape ran out of room! So I'd get another tape and record even MORE episodes! Of course, I'd also buy some of the games and toys. Yes, I was a dork as a kid but then again so was everyone else who got suckered into Poke'mon's commercialism...
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                                        I don't have nearly as much as others are listing here, but I may have a few things worth notice.

                                        I have many Sailor Moon, Gargoyles and Mighty Max episodes recorded from the USA Action Extreme team. With commercails.

                                        A long time ago, Cartoon Network use to do "Pirates of the Dark Water" marathons with quiz questions about the show between commercails. I have this entire marathon recorded somewhere on a tape, with most of the quiz questions intact (a few got cut off by accedent)

                                        Lots of Random Power Ranger stuff.

                                        An Earthworm Jim Tape

                                        The Chimpmunks Adveture on tape (offical)

                                        The Darkwing Duck Series start movie (offical tape)

                                        The Gargoyles movie on tape (The offical one that includes the 'video board game' at the end)

                                        Tiny Toons Movie "How I spent my summer vacation"

                                        Probably the only episode of "Monster in my Pocket"

                                        The only three Sonic VHS tapes to come out. (the one with the Freedom Fighters, not the one with the stupid robotic chicken)

                                        A street sharks tape

                                        Grim's Fairy Tales: Jordine and Jorden (or close to that)

                                        Space Warriors: Battle for Earth Station S/1

                                        E.Y.E.S. of Mars

                                        Little Nemo Dream Master (Both offical tape and DVD)
                                        The Last Unicorn (Same as Nemo)
                                        GIJOE: Destro's Weather Machine
                                        GIJOE: Old Soilders Never Die Sgt Savage
                                        The only episode of Crash Test Dummies (offical tape)
                                        Pound Puppies tape
                                        Mortal Kombat movie that's computer animated (still shrink wrapped too)
                                        Christmas at Eureka's Castle (which doesn't have the Picnic time ending! I swear I WILL find that song!)
                                        The offical tape for the only episode of "Defenders of Dimatron City"

                                        I'm pretty sure I have the only episode of Solar Man around here somewhere.

                                        Some of the Mc Donald cartoons

                                        More like all of Robotech, but big deal, thats on DVD now.

                                        Possibly other stuff I've forgotten about.

                                        ON DVD:
                                        Rock a Doodle
                                        Felix the Cat The Movie
                                        Care Bears Movie
                                        Care Bears Movie 2
                                        Rainbow Bright and the Star Steeler
                                        Digimon Movie, most of the Pokemon movies
                                        The entire Zelda cartoon series
                                        The entire MegaMan Cartoon series
                                        MegaMan Once Upon a Star OAV
                                        Those three DVDs with Mario/Zelda/Sonic Underground eps

                                        And well the rest is pretty much Japanese anime.

                                        Now if they'd just release the My Little Pony Movie on DVD I can die a happy man.
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                                          Mighty Ducks - The First Face Off ( I'd love to own the rest of this series if anyone has it,I'd be more than happy to purchase it.)

                                          A Whole bunch of the Toonami stuff they showed in the UK somewhere on tape, mainly episodes of DBZ, Gundam Wing and Tenchi Muyo.

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