Thread: What Cartoons Do You Own on Tape/DVD?

    • 13 years 21 days ago
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    I have a bunch of TMNT tapes. Some were released through Burger King I dont remember how I got those.

    A lot of Disney movies like Lion King, Aladdin, Pinocchio, Goofy Movie, Bambi, etc.

    Looney Tunes tapes

    Those Disney Sing a Long tapes. I have every volume.

    Every Animaniacs tape ever put out. Some Darkwing Duck tapes.

    Lots more.

    I'm sure everyone still has plenty of stuff on VHS. I mean its not like the VCR and tapes are extinct.
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      I have a ton of VHS's of stuff taped off TV.

      Here they are:
      - X-Men the Animated Series: original airdates with commercials of all episodes, all episodes when repeated in 2000 on Fox Kids due to the release of the first movie, various episodes from ABC Family, and I am in the process of obtaining repeats from Fox Kids between 1995 and 1996

      - Spider-Man the Animated Series: original airdates with commercials of all episodes, episodes repeats between 1997 and 1998, again on Fox Kids in 2001 when it was shown again for a very limited run, ABC Family repeats, working on getting copies of repeats on Fox Kids between 1995 and 1996

      - Spider-Man Unlimited: all original airdates from Fox Kids (including the three episode shown before they pulled the plug on original airdate and then shown again when the series reaired), ABC Family airings

      - Silver Surfer: all original airdates from Fox Kids

      - Avengers: all episodes (no commercials)

      - Tiny Toon Adventures: all episodes from their original airdates (no commercials)

      - Taz Mania: almost the entire series (not all have commercials)

      - The Plucky Duck Show: complete series (very rare)

      - X-Men Evolution: all episodes from KidsWB (original airdates) and some copies of repeat episodes

      - Superman the Animated Series: all episodes from KidsWB (don't think they are original airdates)

      - Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain: complete series (original commercials)

      - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: various episodes, I have from White Light up to the end of Zeo from their original airdates, currently working on getting the first season from their original airdates

      - Animorphs: the entire first season from Nickeleodeon (original airdates)

      Also various episodes of too many shows to name from Fox Kids, KidsWB, and Nickeleodeon

      I am currently working on obtaining:
      - The Tick (original airdates with commercials)
      - Bobby's World
      - Animaniacs (original airdates, no commercials)
      - Fantastic Four
      - Iron Man
      - The Hulk
      - Eek the Cat (original airdates, includes Stravaganza, etc)
      - basically anything else to help my so-to-be website grow larger
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        Tape? VHS? What is this ancient technology you speak of?
        Dont dvds count?

        Complete series(dvd):
        GI Joe
        Spiderman and his Amazing Friends
        Dungeons and Dragons

        Other dvds:
        Voltron: Fleet of Doom(the lion/vehicle crossover)
        Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
        GI Joe The Movie
        Transformers The Movie
        Heathcliff(give away in a cereal box)
        Garfield as Himself

        Plus all sorts of new series and animes.

        On vhs, few episodes each:
        Laser Tag
        Cartoon Allstars to the Rescue(anti-drug psa/movie)
        Two 4 hour tapes of He-Man
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          I have none on Vhs either but I do have a few on dvd. They are as follows

          Transformers - complete set
          Dungeons and dragons - complete set
          Mysterious cities of Gold - complete set
          captain N: the Game Master - complete second season
          He-man and She-ra the secret of the sword
          Garfield christmas and Halloween specials
          fat Albert xmas special
          Unico in the island of Magic
          The real Ghostbusters - 6 episodes
          Silverhawks - 1st episode
          Davod the Gnome - 1st episode
          Rainbow Brite - 1st episode
          The Legend of Zelda - 1st Episode
          Count Duckula - 2 episodes
          Super Mario Bros. Super show - 1 episode
          Voltron - 2 episodes
          x-men - season 1
          carebears - 3 episodes
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            Things I have is what was taped of the tv when I was 3yrs. I like it that way, you can see the old commercials too.

            -zoobilee zoo
            -shining time station
            -rescue rangers
            -adventures of winnie the pooh

            others I can't remember off the top of my head.
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              Tapes kinda suck, since they not only degrade with age, but with every viewing. Once I installed my tv tuner, I made sure to record all my stuff to mpeg. Now I have over 3 gigs of stuff (My Little Pony, Cybersix, Oliver Twist, etc), as well as stuff from the internet. If you know how to use bittorrent (childishly easy) I have torrent files for My Little Pony Tales (All episodes) and Bucky O'Hare (all eps).
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                This looks like a nice topic for the Collectors part of the forum. ^_^
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                  the jetsons dvd
                  the simpsons dvds and vhs
                  inspecter gadget vhs
                  Alice in Wonderland dvd
                  smurfs dvds
                  Barbie and the Rockers vhs
                  Flintstones dvds
                  dennis the menace cartoon dvd
                  Rugrats dvds
                  Teddy Ruxpin vhs
                  Teddy Ruxpin Volume 1 dvd
                  complete series of Rojer Ramjet dvd
                  complete series of Yogi Bear dvd
                  Bambi dvd
                  Cinderella dvd
                  The Beatrix Potter boxset dvd
                  Snow White dvd
                  101 Dalmations dvd
                  Aristocats dvd
                  Babar 75th Anniversary Collection dvd
                  Beavis and Butthead do America dvd
                  Beavis and Butthead Volumes 1,2 and 3 dvds
                  South Park dvds
                  Cabbage Patch Kids volumes 1 and 2 dvds
                  Charlottes Web dvd
                  Classic Christmas Cartoons dvd
                  Dumbo dvd
                  Fern Gully dvd
                  King Of The Hill Aeries 1-4 dvds
                  Lion King dvd
                  The Jungle Book dvd
                  Tarzan dvd
                  Lady and the Tramp dvd
                  The Little Mermaid
                  My Little Pony Movie dvd
                  My Little Pony Volumes 1 and 2 - dvd Boxsets
                  Paddington bear 50th Anniversary boxset dvd
                  Ren And Stimpy dvds
                  Sleeping Beauty dvd
                  Super Mario Bros Volumes 1-4 dvds
                  Some of the Walt Disney Treasures dvds

                  thats all I can think of at the moment
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                    • 13 years 18 days ago
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                    Darkwing Duck
                    Captain Future
                    Most of the classic Disney movies
                    The Jetsons
                    Disney Christmas Sing-Along
                    Hanna-Barbera Christmas Sing-Along
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                      I don't have much on actual tape (in fact, I think my tapes are limited to one Darkwing Duck video, one Dinoriders, and a few misc. saturday morning cartoons like Smurfs Christmas Special).

                      However, I do have a lot on my computer (long live P2P!)

                      Bionic Six
                      Count Duckula
                      Darkwing Duck
                      David the Gnome
                      Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (whole series, I believe)
                      Kidd Video (most of the series)
                      Legend of Zelda
                      Mysterious Cities of Gold (I know I have every last episode of this one)
                      Rainbow Brite (either most of the series, or most of season 1, if it had multiple seasons)
                      Real Ghostbusters
                      Ulysses 31
                      The Wuzzles

                      Update: I had to reformat my computer a while ago, and I lost the episodes on my HD. I still have them on backup CD, but I'm not quite sure how many of these are actually ON the backup CDs. Most of them, I'm certain, but some may not be. Anybody that REALLY wants one, I can try to dig it out, but there's no garuntees.
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                        i have a few tapes, but no full series
                        rocko's modern life
                        are you afraid of the dark
                        tiny toons adventures
                        hey arnold!
                        Nickelodeon's Doug
                        All That

                        Can you tell i was a nickelodeon kid?
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                          loony tunes
                          and some dinosaur thing
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                            I got a Barbie and the Rockers cartoon tape last weekend and also a Teddy Ruxpin video.
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                              Being a Disney Collector I have like nearly every Disney Cartoon ever released and many more besides that like TMNT, MASK, Dungeons & Dragons etc...... however the sad thing for me is that I now have to move alot of my collection of Disney VHS to DVD which is proving expensive seing that I bought a lot of my VHS from car boot sales and the likes for like £2.00 each.
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                                Tom and Jerry I have like 10 hours of that on tape
                                Street Frogs
                                Karate Kat
                                Sailor Moon
                                Cardcaptors (1 ep)
                                A silly symponies 3 little pigs one
                                Snow white (anime verson from the 80s?)
                                Flint the Time Detective
                                A tape of various Christmas cartoons (frosty, simpsons, rudolph)
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                                  Duck Tales the Movie:Treasure of the Lost Lamp
                                  Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers:Danger Rangers
                                  Ewoks cartoon:Cries of the Trees,The Tree of Light
                                  I am waiting for The Smurfs to come out on dvd.
                                  I wish they would make Tale Spin,Gummie Bears,Duck Tales,etc.
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                                    Transformers DVD's seasons 1-4

                                    and miscellanious episodes on a old tap which i am looking to donate to this site by the end of July.............
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                                      i want to build up a collection of DVD's the

                                      what i already got on VHS are

                                      Super Mario Bros 3
                                      Disney movies
                                      anda Fantasic 4 cartoon ( i think it might be the new one)
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                                        I have between 60 or 70 episodes of "Real Ghostbusters", 17 episodes of "Extreme Ghostbusters", almost every episode of "MEGAS XLR" (I'm only missing 4 episodes), "Transformers" seasons 1 & 2 DVDs, 2 "Beast Wars" DVDs, 4 tapes of the "Earthworm Jim" cartoon, a tape with 2 episodes of "Back to the Future", "Clerks: the Animated Series" on DVD, the "Toxic Crusaders" DVD that came with the Toxic Avenger boxed set, uhh....that's all I can think of right now, but I know I have more.
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                                          I have a whole whack of cartoons on tape I would like to get rid of. Check out my list here
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