Thread: Toy story vs. Toy Story 2

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    Toy Story vs. Toy Story 2, which do you like better?

    For me, Toy Story 2 because it has a better storyline and there is more heart to it but don't get me wrong I enjoy the 1st film as well.
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      Toy Story because I've seen it way more times than Toy Story 2. But Toy Story 2 is just as good.

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        They're almost equal, but I'd say Toy Story was better overall. The general theme was more to my liking.
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          Toy Story. It was one of those movies that blew me away with how computer animation can turn out. Especially when how they recreated board games like Mouse Trap. Toy Story 2 was good also but I couldn't handle the bad guy (whatever his name is).
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            Toy Story, Come on noww!
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              Both are great i love them both but the first movie is a classic i saw it in theaters back in 95 & i had all the toys games ect i got the VHS for my 3rd birthday in 1996 Buzz & Woody where my childhood heroes & always will be i was woody for halloween in 1999 & that was epic so Toy Story 1 & 2 are both great & 1 will always be a childhood favroite & Pixars best movie though.

              And on a side note i hate to tell you guys this but back in the 90s i had a next door nabor who was like Sid he was cool though we where pals & he loved Sonic LOL.
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